World famous amusement parks

Almost every tourist country there is your Park, and most of all – not one. But there are parks, earned him worldwide fame. This review focuses on the magic of mini-countries where adults and children get the adrenaline pumping, good mood and pure happiness!

The Family Of “Disneyland”

Brand Disneyland is the undisputed leader among theme parks on the planet. All sorts of attractions are combined with the fabulous disney locations, and the magic castle has become a symbol of the journey in Wonderland.

Florida Walt Disney World Resort is the largest entertainment Park on all continents. Its area, divided into four theme Park and two water parks, is a hundred square kilometers! Can you imagine? For comparison: the territory of Monaco is 2 square kilometers! Walt Disney World Resort more than a state of Tuvalu and Nauru combined. And almost twice that of San Marino.

At Walt Disney World there is another record: this is the most visited, and therefore – the most popular Park on the planet. Guests so much that it is not always possible to book a room in one of the 24 hotels in the Park.

Map WaltDisneyWorld in Florida.

But did you know that Florida Walt Disney World, which is considered a cult classic, opened the second account? And the first “Disneyland” is on the other end of the country, in California,in Anaheim. It was opened in 1955, and its eight themed areas still set the tone for the all new “Disneyland”.

With Florida Park that is annually visited by 16 000 000 adults and children have been contesting the French representative of the disney name. This “Disneyland” called Paris . but in fact it is in a small town called Marne-La-Vallee. This giant is almost the same as Florida. The French Disneyland even has its own train station!

Main street Disneyland Paris

But the first disney Park that opened outside the us, was not Paris, and Tokyo. It was opened in 1983, and in 2001 completed a special entertainment district – Tokyo DisneySea . dedicated to the underwater miracles and fairy tales.

Tokyo DisneySea in Tokyo

The fifth Park built in Hong Kong, while the sixth will appear next year in Shanghai. The Chinese promise that will build the tallest disney castle in the world!

“Europa Park”, Germany

Europa-Park – a huge amusement Park with an original concept: its eleven thematic areas are images of eleven European countries. However, it is the area covered just three countries – it is dedicated to Scandinavia as a whole. “Euro-Park” is about the city rust in Baden-württemberg. Every year here comes 4 500 000. Attendance it is the second amusement Park in Europe after Disneyland Paris.

Ride Silver Star in Europa-Park

Shows, roller coasters, various rides, private hotels and restaurants this Park for 40 years of existence has become a major tourist area. But the most interesting in the “Euro Park” is a mini – country, that is, zones where are concentrated the most vivid symbols of the States represented. As an example, in Russia, you can see carved towers, and a copy of the Mir space station, and even – don’t laugh! – the racetrack, “Lada”.

Area of Gazprom in Europe-Park

All countries are interesting. A mini-Greece is calling to ride akvaparke “Poseidon”, a mini-Italy beckoning to the performance of Commedia Dell’arte, a mini-Spain is calling to take a trip on “the Boat of Columbus” mini-Scandinavia invites you to the rafting mini-France laugh at the Parisian “Disneyland”: it is here that there is the highest in Europe roller coaster!

In addition, the “Euro-Park” there are several fabulous areas: for example, the castle of Sleeping beauty, jungle wild, City of the dwarves, the Enchanted forest.

Asterix (France)

When foreigners are asked to name the known amusement parks in France, most immediately think of Disneyland. But the French are not so unequivocal answers. They have another pride: located right in the Paris Park Asterix. This is the main competitor of “Disneyland” in France.

The rides, adventures, shows… what is the highlight of “Asterix”? Well, first, “Gallic” style. Guests will travel on the history of Gaul, getting to medieval Paris – and at the same time look to Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and the settlement of the Vikings. Secondly, that the bulk of the rides in this Park and water. And thirdly, the uniqueness of the “Asterix” – in his daring, humorous, just a hooligan nature!

Roller coaster in Paris Asterix

So when visiting France, you will have a choice: cute dashing Disneyland or Asterix?

PortAventura, Spain

One of the most famous amusement parks located in Spain, near Barcelona. If it is absolutely exact – in the town of Salou. Come here every year for 3 000 000 tourists to get the adrenalin pumping on 117 acres filled with extreme water rides.

“PortAventura Park” famous for its water focus: most of the rides (there are over forty) will pour you a spray or even redeem from head to toe. Wanted to go sail around the world? Go across seas and wild rivers study of six countries, which is dedicated to themed areas of the Park. You will visit five continents, and along with a visit to the magical land of sesame.

A water Park, hotels, a real lake and beach clubs is an integral part of PortAventura. And yet there is a Golf course. In General, the holiday promises a treat for all the family members from the youngest to prefer a solid, steady rest. But those that come to “Port Aventura” adventure.

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