Water attractions for kids and adults!

On the area of 4200 sq. m. you are waiting for extreme descents and baby pools, lots of laughter, fun and lots of fun, only positive impressions from your holiday on the water! All this awaits you in the water Park “kVA-KVA Park”.

Water slides for kids and adults

What could be better than a refreshing dip in the bubbling water or play on the waves? Surely, with these feelings like little! Want to take a ride on the water slides, have fun with the kids, guests or friends? “KVA-kVA Park” is the place where dreams come true. This is a unique complex of water attractions, combining many modern attractions: water slides, pools with fountains, rides for the kids, Jacuzzi and much more. It will be interesting to people of any age!

Children’s rides in the “kVA-KVA Park”

The smallest of our fleet invites in the children’s town, where never for a moment does not stop the joyful laughter and screams of delight! Kids can ride the slides, enjoy the children’s rides with fountains and even to stand up under a real waterfall! In the town the water temperature is maintained at around 32-33 degrees. The child will like, I assure!

Slides for thrill-seekers and Laguna for a relaxing holiday.

The water rides in the Park will appeal to all lovers of thrills.For those looking for extreme and want to be at the mercy of the elements, it may be advisable to go down the “Wild river”.

The height of start slides 12 meters! You have to overcome more than 100 meters path with many sharp bends and turns.

Unforgettable experience guaranteed, and in the “Black hole”, where there is pitch darkness and rule the speed. You go down a hill not knowing where the next turn is hiding and where the end of your journey, full of surprises!

To be in the midst of a “Tsunami” will certainly please fans of a drive and dynamics. Water Park “Tsunami” is a jump, the height of the start of which is 12 meters. Here you will travel in free flight, picked up by the tsunami waves.

Are you tired of riding the water slides? It offers wave pool, family recreation area, a huge number of other equally interesting entertainment. To escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and you can relax in the quiet “Lagoon” with a Jacuzzi and stone grottoes.

Each slide in the “kVA-KVA Park” is fraught with a lot of new experiences, opens the way to a bright and unforgettable emotions. Here you can ride on any attraction, as long as he came of age and mood.

What rides and water slides are waiting for you in “kVA-KVA Park”

The water slides do you like to ride not only children but also adults. “KVA-kVA Park” is the area of water recreation where everyone can find entertainment to your liking.

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