10 coolest amusement parks in the world

Traveling around the world, each of us wants to take with them not only Souvenirs, but also an unforgettable experience! And where better than at an amusement Park to get them? Theme parks are in almost every country of the world, but today we will tell you about 10 the most cool and worthy to visit are definitely worth it.:)

Disneyland Park (France)

Disneyland is perhaps the most famous entertainment Park in the world and one of the largest and most beautiful! In the center of the Park is Sleeping beauty’s castle, and around it is located 5 theme parks for visitors of all ages: a land of adventure Adventureland (known for its hill name of Indiana Jones), Frontierland (the famous Ghost house), Discoveryland (Space Mountain is famous for the slides – here you should not go to people not confident in my fortitude.:)), Walt Disney Studios Park (you can get on the other side of the TV screen and enjoy the most spectacular show).

The theme Park tribe of the Gauls can be the coolest ride on the water slides. Asterix is divided into 6 themed zones: Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Gallic village, Viking settlement and “journey through the ages”. The most famous hill of this Park – the “Thunder of Zeus”. It is, incidentally, one of the biggest roller coasters in the world.

Port Aventura is divided into 6 parts – the Mediterranean, Polynesia, Wild West, China, Mexico and Sezamoaventura(for the kids). In this Park you can ride the fastest roller coaster in Europe, the Furius Baco (translated from Spanish – “crazy worm”). The trolley accelerates to 135 km/h in 3 seconds, so you should prepare yourself before you ride! No less crazy ride – tower “Hurakan Condor” (a free fall from a height of 100 metres). And the Port Aventura very cool water rides and a water Park! Continue reading


Ferrari will open in Europe amusement Park. The brand should attract up to 500 thousand people a year

Ferrari will open its first amusement Park in Europe. Manufacturer of luxury cars expects that motorists in the racing simulator “Formula 1” will bring considerable profit to his business.

Ferrari Land, which is due to open in 2016, is being built under license near Barcelona in the resort of PortAventura, owned by private equity firms Investindustrial and KKR. “The Ferrari brand is unique and this will make the Park a unique place — said a senior partner in the Italian Investindustrial Andrea Bonomi. The Ferrari is very attractive… Motorsport is supported by all sectors of society, young people and adults, all-everything.”

According to Investindustrial, which also owns about 40% of Aston Martin, the Park will be built in Spain and not in his native Italy for Ferrari, as the company-owned resort PortAventura is experiencing problems with the number of visitors, whose number tends to increase (despite the fact that other theme parks in Spain have problems with growth on the background of high unemployment).

Last year Ferrari launched a three-year program to reduce the production of cars to focus on the exclusivity of its products while increasing profit margins.

Division branding and licensingfreesoftware controlling products such as clothes, bags and perfumes Ferrari Continue reading

The most famous amusement parks

Already in the XIX century began to appear designated for entertainment. Often amusement parks were opened during seasonal fairs or on the eve of holidays. In the twentieth century there has been a breakthrough parks of Walt Disney – Disneyland after success at home, began to open around the world. We will hold a quick review of the famous entertainment parks.

The World Of Walt Disney.

This is the most famous and biggest amusement Park in the world. The Park is located not far from Orlando, Florida, on the territory 121,7 km2. This giant square is suitable for a small town, and this is the World of Walt Disney. The first visitors to the Park took in 1971, October 1, when opened the first part of the Park “Magic Kingdom”. Walt Disney himself did not live to see its opening, but the development of the project began during his lifetime. Only nine years later was completed the second part of the Walt Disney World theme Park Epcot, which is all the scientific achievements of mankind. Then in 1989, the turn has come for “Hollywood studios, Disney”, and in 1998 opened “Disney’s animal Kingdom”.

In lamonarca Walt Disney World and its environs for tourists hospitably open door 33 hotels, many cafes, restaurants and eateries await guests. Continue reading

The most famous amusement parks
Already in the XIX century began to appear designated for entertainment. Often amusement parks were opened during seasonal fairs or on the eve of holidays. In the twentieth century there…

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The worst rides
The entertainment industry at the moment is the developing, capital-intensive and high-tech. This is not surprising, because people always lack the adrenaline, the pursuit of which they are ready not…

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Disneyland is considered one of the most popular theme parks in the whole world, which is annually visited by a huge number of tourists. In Europe the tourists have the…

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