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Theme parks came up with a wise storyteller Walt Disney. It was a great invention! It is a world parallel to normal is an invented reality, the fourth dimension. Or fifth, or sixth. There adults turn into children, and children are experiencing their most acute delight and greatest happiness. After a dizzying falls and toy the horrors of the mirror this reality appears in a different light, forget the stress and tension are usual of everyday life disappears, giving way to bright holiday. It is strange that doctors don’t prescribe the vicinity of parks as the best remedy for all diseases!

Gardaland (Italy, Garda lake) state of the art amusement Park and entertainment is situated on the shores of lake Garda. The Italian equivalent of the famous Disneyland. On site fit rides, restaurants and bars, a huge Safari Park, aviaries with exotic animals, terrarium, Dolphinarium and the famous Park Siguta – a green oasis with artificial lakes and lawns, the brooding caves and fabulous palaces. Here you can witness a jousting tournament, to participate in the excavation of the Egyptian pyramids, to become a pirate, and even meet a “real” dinosaur!

Do not think that this Park is only for children. Just the contrary, adults become children. Continue reading

Entertainment in Italy

Visiting Italy, You never have to leave, because it offers presented thousands of different attractions and theme parks, where you can not only have fun but get a lot of pleasure. For lovers of active holidays in Italy, you can enjoy diving, surfing, skiing, or fly in a balloon. Here are some of the attractions that we advise You to visit:

Amusement Park “Italy in miniature”, located in Viserba (between Rome and Rimini), is one of the oldest amusement parks in Italy, which annually adopts more than half a million tourists. Its area is of 85,000 square meters. The Park has almost all architectural masterpieces and landmarks of Italy. Also in the Park there are attractions for the youngest visitors.

In Cesenatico you can visit the Museum of navigation of Italy, where you will see these ships raised from the seabed.

In Italy there are two of the largest water Park, it Aquafan (in Riccione it is) and the beach village (it is located in Riccione). Last popular for being located directly on the beach.

Visiting Italy, it is impossible not to look at the famous Italian amusement parks Mirabilandia (it is 40 kilometers from Rimini) and Fiabilandia (located in Rimini)

In the Museum of aviation in posaconzaole (it is located a few kilometers from the border with San Marino) you can see more than 30 different aircraft from different countries of the world, to see the collection of flight suits, as well as various awards and distinctions.

Dolphinarium in Riccione offers tourists to enjoy amazing performances by dolphins. Continue reading

In Disneyland.

In Ufa build Europe’s largest theme Park

In the capital of Bashkortostan will build theme Park rides, an analogue of the famous Disneyland, which will be the largest in all of Europe. Hopefully, can find entertainment for every taste: it will include an indoor leisure complex and recreation area on the street, thrill rides and a Ferris wheel. The Ufa authorities admit that this is truly a historic event for the city.

A huge amusement Park is expected to open in Ufa in 2015. Recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Ferris wheel, the largest in Russia among the year-round and third after Moscow and Sochi at altitude is 48 m. indoor complex with children’s and adult rides will be the largest in all of Europe (will be more complex in the open air, it will take people only in the summer). Money for a huge amusement Park gave investors.

The Park will have both the open part, intended for rest and entertainment in summer, and indoor amusement complex — year-round use. The complex will be the largest not only in Russia but also in Europe. Park project, by the way, developed by the specialized company of Europe.

Irek Yalalov, mayor of Ufa at the ceremony of laying the first stone. Continue reading

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