Tokyo Disney Resort

Japan, Tokyo: Tokyo Disney Resort – an animated tale Disney

Giving children around the world with a story on the television screens and the pages of books, the magician has managed to build a fabulous world of childhood and reality. The name of this kind of genius – Walt Disney and his magical world called Disneyland .

In the world there are several amusement parks of the Disney company. One of them — Tokyo Disney Resort — located on the territory of 80 hectares on the outskirts of Tokyo . Tokyo Disneyland opened in April 1983. The Park is divided into 7 sectors and has 47 rides.

During the existence of the Park was visited by more than 300 million people, which is two times more than the entire population of Japan. And the day Disneyland accepts up to 100 thousand visitors.

In the Future you will have an unforgettable adventure: flying in a space ship, the attack on the Death Star, a visit to the 3D cinema. where fully can feel as felt the characters in the film “Honey, I shrunk our children”.

To see Chip and Dale, goofy and Donald duck, ride the children’s tram – all this is possible in the amazing City of Toon.

And once in a land of Fantasy, be sure to visit Cinderella castle is the symbol of Disneyland.

Kids here expect a lot of fun rides, and those who are older, awaiting black carriage that will carry you into the dark and mysterious House with ghosts . Continue reading

Theme parks of Italy opened the season

Currently, the world observed an interesting trend in the development of the entertainment industry. Yes, entertainment has really grown into a industry with huge income. And a considerable role here is played by the theme parks, enjoying, lately, increasing demand of the public. Therefore, in many countries, the theme parks grow like mushrooms after rain. Italy is not lagging behind other countries. Almost every city has its own Park with a specific theme and focus. Among the many such entertainment complexes there are those that have an international reputation. Many of them are located in the coastal area, further attracting foreign tourists.

With the arrival of spring and the beginning of summer themed amusement parks of Italy hospitably open its gates.

Park “Aquafan”. located near Salerno. is very popular among tourists, it is considered the biggest water complex in Europe. Five heated pools (one of which is called “ocean in miniature” because there are artificial waves), lots of different water slides, Spa pools, tanning beds, picnic areas, volleyball and football fields,areas for roller skating, cafes and restaurants. The Park is open for visits from June to mid-September.

A real Museum under the open sky called the theme Park “Italy in miniature”. which is a 15-minute drive from Rimini. Collected here are miniature copies of historical and architectural monuments from around the Apennine Peninsula. It is built more than 270 objects in scale of 1:25 and 1:50. The most interesting objects can be viewed from the monorail. In addition, there is still a lot of different entertainment attractions and programs for children of different ages. The Park is open all year round from 09:00 until sunset. Cost per adult 15 euros, children 10.

40 km from Rimini, an amusement Park Mirabilandia. covering an area of over 200 thousand square meters, the Park is covered by greenery. Continue reading

Bringing the kids the Park “Asterix”?

The French state has produced many outstanding personalities, and some of the most famous – Asterix and Obelix. It is in their honor by the French and built a big Park. In order to touch the culture of the great Gauls and learn more about their life, we recommend that you and your child to visit the Park Asterix.

Unlike Disneyland there are no huge queues and an incredible number of people. Parc Asterix is designed for relaxed and family holidays. The Park is divided into five parts and each of them dedicated to a specific period or country. Which was related by our heroes. The first part – the village of the Gauls. The main highlight of this place is the perfect themed cuisine and exciting entertainment by the type of ancient boat and small slides. On the territory of the Gallic village is also a cinema and small souvenir shops.

The Roman Empire, the “youngest” part of the Park, which was opened quite recently – in 2008. You can witness the greetings of Gaius Julius Caesar. And then to plunge into the stunning world of the great Empire in 3D. And the next “final destination” – Ancient Greece – is the complete opposite of the first part of the Park. There is a real Paradise for fans of extreme sports and incredible speed. As for food, here you have to vozmozhnostyami feta, olives and hot sandwiches. And after lunch, take in the “Theatre of Poseidon”, where you can enjoy the performance of sea creatures. Continue reading

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