Theme Park, a length of about 60 hectares, divided into five zones, each associated with characters of literature, continuing its existence in the cartoons of Walt Disney. The Park, with unusual structures and unprecedented miracles of technology in its design dates back to world exhibitions of the nineteenth century.

Main Street, USA

This quarter recalls the atmosphere of an American town of the early XX century. On the streets everywhere you can meet the horse-trams, a police prison van and other vehicles of the time. Path of all routes is between town square and Central square, which is also called the heart of Disneyland. From this place the road forked to other parts of the Park. The facades of the houses are made in authentic Victorian style. Hidden inside houses a very interesting shops, one of which, “Emporium”, will delight you with original gifts. In that time, while your loved ones are eating at Casey or enjoy the flavor in the “Cookie kitchen” or “cable Kar Beyk Sean”, that produce cakes and biscuits, you can trim a haircut at a Barber. In the evening time on Main Street, you can see thousands of lanterns lit the street and the town Square later time the electric parade with the participation of professional musicians and actors. I advise you to watch this extravaganza from beginning to end!


Once here, you immediately realize that sozdatelyami area of the Park inspired the development of the Wild West in the nineteenth century. Once here through the timbered gates of Fort Comstock, at the spring Big Thunder mountain you will see a roller coaster. Here trolley scooting along the stones and animals ‘ bones canyon. Continue reading

Tokyo Disney Resort

Japan, Tokyo: Tokyo Disney Resort – an animated tale Disney

Giving children around the world with a story on the television screens and the pages of books, the magician has managed to build a fabulous world of childhood and reality. The name of this kind of genius – Walt Disney and his magical world called Disneyland .

In the world there are several amusement parks of the Disney company. One of them — Tokyo Disney Resort — located on the territory of 80 hectares on the outskirts of Tokyo . Tokyo Disneyland opened in April 1983. The Park is divided into 7 sectors and has 47 rides.

During the existence of the Park was visited by more than 300 million people, which is two times more than the entire population of Japan. And the day Disneyland accepts up to 100 thousand visitors.

In the Future you will have an unforgettable adventure: flying in a space ship, the attack on the Death Star, a visit to the 3D cinema. where fully can feel as felt the characters in the film “Honey, I shrunk our children”.

To see Chip and Dale, goofy and Donald duck, ride the children’s tram – all this is possible in the amazing City of Toon.

And once in a land of Fantasy, be sure to visit Cinderella castle is the symbol of Disneyland.

Kids here expect a lot of fun rides, and those who are older, awaiting black carriage that will carry you into the dark and mysterious House with ghosts . Continue reading

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