Tropical Islands Resort

Tropical Islands Resort – a tropical amusement Park in Germany

In Germany, the land Brandenburg in the area of Halba, which is just 60 kilometers from Berlin, is located tropical Park “Tropical Islands Resort” (Tropical Islands). Unusual same Park that he is completely under the dome. Earlier this place was a Soviet military base, and the dome was a hangar for airships Aerium. Now this huge water Park features a 210 meters wide, 360 long, and a height of as much as 108 metres. The total Park area is approximately equal to eight football fields.

At the same time this huge building can accommodate about seven thousand visitors. Tropical Islands Resort is growing about 30 thousand trees, many bushes and other tropical vegetation – banana trees, creepers and other exotic. Laid in the Park, a kilometer-long walkway, the bridge over the mangrove swamp offers a beautiful view of the entire Park.

The resort indoor, as the sun’s rays? The answer is simple – Windows on one side of the transparent dome and the sunlight gets inside. For numerous guests of the Park there is an artificial sea with a pleasant water temperature of 28 degrees. But you can just relax on the beach, especially because here all year round constant temperature of +26 to+30 degrees. To create an even more natural environment, at onethe walls of the former hangar stretched a canopy painted with clouds on the clear blue sky. Continue reading

Port Aventura. Shambhala.

Spanish Shambhala is a world of adrenaline-fueled acceleration

In one of the most picturesque parts of the Spanish territory near the resort area of Salou, is located this spectacular Park with the most exotic rides in the world – PortAventura. A Paradise on the Costa Blanca, he captivates the hearts of a huge number of visitors from different countries. In mid-may there was a new fantastic fun for tourists attraction with the curious name of Shambhala.

The new product is consistent with its creative name. According to legend in the massifs of Central Asia lost this mythical state of Shambhala. Spanish Grand attraction in its splendor and expressive colour became a real icon of PortAventura.

Petite Shamballa changed the line of the horizon area. If the Park really stood out, due to Dragon Khan, itself a symbol of elegant places, and from now on in favor of gigantic proportions Shambhala. This attraction is rightly called the longest and is truly a giant slide in the world.

Sheltered Shambhala popular area of the Park is China, which, by the way, and placed the infamous Dragon Khan, who lost the novelty of first place in height. Continue reading

In Sochi opened the world’s highest swing

On Thursday in Sochi has opened an unusual attraction called SochiSwing. In the only Russian Skypark earned the world’s highest swing. Now anyone can experience yourself flying over aksterskim gorge at a height of 170 meters.

They were mounted in September, tested them until mid-November. As experts say, the Sochi swing by as much as 50 m higher than a similar attraction in new Zealand river canyon Nevis (which still was the highest in the world).

Swing on the swing alone or together. The maximum weight that can withstand design – 230 pounds. There are restrictions on age: to enjoy the extreme can only be reached ten years people. And minors here can only come with parents or guardians.

To go, need to go through a simple procedure: first to register, get your number (write it on the back of the hand) and wait for their turn. On in a designated area on the customer wearing the equipment, then traditional instruction. Well, one of the key points: already equipped tourist bring to the metal platform where it is strapped to put on a fabric base to carabine the rope. I. let go in flight.

– Decide – the hardest part. So employees often have to be a little bit psychologists, says instructor Benjamin Ceramides. – We set people say is actually it’s not scary. Continue reading

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