Top 5 most famous amusement parks

How to integrate the interests and to arrange a holiday for both children and parents? There is an answer! Amusement Park, of course!

We present to your attention the Top 5 most famous amusement parks of the world for children and adults.

It is the largest amusement Park in Europe. And in the contest FTT Awards 2010 was voted the best Park in the world. The Park is divided into 11 components, each of which embodies a country’s existing or fictional. Here you can get acquainted closer with Britain, France, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia. Or take a walk in the Palace Park, Chocolate land or the land of the Vikings. Each part is special and shows off its sights and achievements of architecture and culture. So, Russia, you will meet puppet shows at the outdoor stage, Italy — the Venice carnival, and the Spain of flamenco and jousting tournaments.

Yes, the Japanese Disneyland was destined to become one of the most famous and in-demand Disneyland in the world. In terms of attendance it is second only to Paris. 47 rides will be at your disposal! From the American version of Disneyland Japanese is distinguished by its scale and scope.

On top of that, for about 15 years now, visitors have the opportunity to look into another Park —Tokyo DisneySea located in the same place. Here you will meet mermaids, gondoliers, Sinbad the sailor and other famous conquerors of the sea, and the inhabitants of the deep sea.

Port Aventura (Spain)

This Park is rightly considered the most diverse Park. Mexico, China, the Mediterranean, the Wild West — you’ll find it here in Port Aventura. Every detail, every national characteristic and geographical feature is reflected in the recreated atmosphere of the continents. Favorite rides, down the mountain the river and the journey to fire dragon — it’s all here. The performance programme is constantly updated.

Cedar Point is known, first and foremost, the fact that here is the greatest number of rides — 68. It has 14 roller coasters! One of them is taller than the statue of Liberty! This is one of the oldest amusement parks. Cedar Point was founded in 1870, and the very first “roller coaster” appeared later, in 1891. Today there is everything to have a good time with the whole family.

Gardaland (Garda lake, Italy)

It’s very simple: Gardaland is the largest amusement Park in Italy. Children and adults of all ages will find something fun for everyone: for the kids is a colorful world where frozen in funny poses funny animals: pigs, geese and cows. For teenagers open pavilions “Peter pan” and, of course, Games Area is a space with games for every taste and temperament. Those wishing to relax, the adults are not forgotten: you can canoe on the lake.

Continue happy holidays to all readers of the magazine for parents and children to “grow up”!

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