Theme parks of Italy opened the season

Currently, the world observed an interesting trend in the development of the entertainment industry. Yes, entertainment has really grown into a industry with huge income. And a considerable role here is played by the theme parks, enjoying, lately, increasing demand of the public. Therefore, in many countries, the theme parks grow like mushrooms after rain. Italy is not lagging behind other countries. Almost every city has its own Park with a specific theme and focus. Among the many such entertainment complexes there are those that have an international reputation. Many of them are located in the coastal area, further attracting foreign tourists.

With the arrival of spring and the beginning of summer themed amusement parks of Italy hospitably open its gates.

Park “Aquafan”. located near Salerno. is very popular among tourists, it is considered the biggest water complex in Europe. Five heated pools (one of which is called “ocean in miniature” because there are artificial waves), lots of different water slides, Spa pools, tanning beds, picnic areas, volleyball and football fields,areas for roller skating, cafes and restaurants. The Park is open for visits from June to mid-September.

A real Museum under the open sky called the theme Park “Italy in miniature”. which is a 15-minute drive from Rimini. Collected here are miniature copies of historical and architectural monuments from around the Apennine Peninsula. It is built more than 270 objects in scale of 1:25 and 1:50. The most interesting objects can be viewed from the monorail. In addition, there is still a lot of different entertainment attractions and programs for children of different ages. The Park is open all year round from 09:00 until sunset. Cost per adult 15 euros, children 10.

40 km from Rimini, an amusement Park Mirabilandia. covering an area of over 200 thousand square meters, the Park is covered by greenery. Hiding in the shadows 40 of the most modern rides, including a roller coaster, there is a circus, 3D cinema, a small water Park with a tower for a demonstration of diving, entertainment and theatre venues, performances of stuntmen, ballet on ice and other entertainment. For the new season, the Park has prepared a new show – “Big trouble in the city”, which is accompanied by special effects. In summer, the Park is open from 10.00 to 23.00. Adult tickets cost 22 euros, reduced costs 17 euros, and children shorter than 100 cm are free.

Children’s Park is Fiabilandia in Miramare, Rimini and can accomodate families with children aged 7 – 9 years. For younger visitors the Park is full of surprises. In addition to the 30 rides and attractions here you can see the dancing fountains, go on a pirate Galleon, to visit Pinnock (known under the name of Pinocchio), you can fly like Superman, crawl like a caterpillar through the Apple, to wander through the jungle or lost in a maze, to visit the Museum of dolls and swim in the Sea of frogs, and a children’s disco “Okkadisk” entrance is forbidden to adults. And, of course, there are many places where you can eat and regain their strength. Season of the Park starts from Easter and continues to mid-October. Cost per adult is 15 euros, children 10 euros.

In the North of Italy, on the shore of the largest and most beautiful lake Garda amusement Park Hartland. In this Park, one of the best entertainment complexes, there is a huge number of rides for different ages. The Park is divided by age and thematic categories into four zones. The “red” area for the younger visitors, here they can expect 16 fancy rides, a meeting with fantastic characters, pavilions “Peter pan”, “Superbaby”, “Alice in Wonderland,” “Aladdin Cave”, “Mary Poppins”, “Games-Area”, “video games” and many other attractions. For older children – “green” and “sinya” zone. Then they expect a different thematic representation of “Aventura” – the area of the jungle “Tung”, educational historical tour of “the Valley of the kings”, attractions “Le Corsaire”, “Country show” and “Volcanoes” as well as plenty of entertainment on the water. Well, the “orange” area is the solid extreme. On the rides the adrenaline just rolls. Then there is “Russian” and “American” slides, carousels, a different kind of bungee-jumping, race track where you can compete for the most exotic vehicles and lots and lots of interesting and “scary”. And as everywhere, there are many restaurants, bars, cafes, arcades. The movement occurs in the Park with a miniature railway and cable car with the original “standing stalls”. The Park is open to visitors from 23 April to 11 September.

The entrance ticket for one day costs 24 Euro for two days – 38,5 euros for children less than 100 cm, the entrance is free.

Of course, it’s not all Italian-themed parks, but this is the best and most famous. Welcome!

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