The scariest rides in the world

Thanks to adrenalin, we become faster and stronger, better able to cope with life’s problems and effectively overcome the weakness. Latest scientific studies show that adrenaline can also be a great help in the fight… with stress.

Single shots of adrenalin, rapid waves which come and go like that when you rush, say, in a loop, at a speed of 150 km/h – just saving, because fill us with energy and ready for immediate reactions. A sudden rush of oxygen to the blood stimulates the entire circulatory system, protective system, and the brain sends a command to allocate to us the painkillers, endorphin and dopamine, which improve our health.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most terrifying rides in the world! No specific rating is not here. Fears are different. Someone is afraid of speed, someone drops, etc. So choose for themselves the most terrible and are going to conquer.

Observation tower hotel-casino “stratosphere Las Vegas” with a height of 350 meters — the second highest observation tower in the Western hemisphere: it is ahead of the CN tower in Toronto. But the rides located on the top of the Stratosphere, — the undisputed leaders in the world.

Catapult “Big Shot” (Big shot).

Year of opening: 1996. The highest attraction on the planet that can lift you to a height of 329 metres with skorostyei 70 km/h and monstrous acceleration in 4g. Next, you will find a free fall from that height. This is the oldest attraction “Stratosphere” is the best observation deck in the United States — unless you have the guts to enjoy the scenery at that speed.

Carousel “Insanity” (“Crazy”).

Year of open: 2005. The highest carousel in the world. The latest attraction “Stratosphere” is a conventional carousel. Except that you have to spin over a 300-meter abyss in 20 m from the edge of the roof. Insanity rotates pretty quickly, developing an overload in 3g. Of course, during the rotation of the passengers are face down. And when you consider that people on the carousel are not closed cabins, and in open seats, the thrill of the rotation at great speed over the precipice must be reproducible!

Year of open: 2005. The tallest swing on the planet. Short rail strongly tilts the cart quickly accelerates and rushes into the abyss, over the edge of the 350-meter tower. At the time of braking the nose of the trailer goes far beyond the track, which makes X Scream one of the scariest rides on the planet. But it seems that this attraction is less likely wanting to go. I wonder why would it?)))

Area free fall in Paramount, Ohio.

The platform of this “challenge” raises you to a height of 26 storeys, or 100 metres. “If you’re scared of heights?”))) But that’s not a reason to scream and to actively produce adrenaline! After “sightseeing”, the daredevils flying down at speeds over 100 km/h.

Kingda Ka (NJ, USA)

Year of opening: 2005 Height: 139 meters. The high metal slide in the world. Hydraulic mechanism accelerates the trolley up to 205 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, making Kinga Ka is one of the most dynamic attractions in the world. In may 2009, the hill was struck by lightning, which resulted in the need for complex repair. Currently, the attraction is fully operational.

Park Thorpe (Thorpe) in the city of Chertsey. Here are the most twisted in the world steel roller coaster. Track length — 850 meters, height — 30 meters, maximum speed — 65 km/h. On the track you will have exactly 10 times to turn upside down.

White Cyclone, Japan

The height of the attraction of 42 meters (approximately 14-storey building), length of 1.7 km, a maximum speed over 100 km/h This ride is impressed not so much by their technical characteristics, but with its performance))

Formula Rossa (Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Formula Rossa the world’s fastest roller coaster. Trolley ride accelerates to 240 kilometers per hour in 4.9 seconds. Not the fact that before the eyes of voluntary victims of attraction manages all the details zip their life, but then the balancing act on the road continues. On the track in the form of the legendary race track of Monza pilots trolleys will experience a lot of UPS and downs. Due to the high speed and possible risk of collision with particles in the air, riders are required to wear special protective glasses. After the trip servants prepared seats for new hunters adrenaline).

Furius Baco (PortAventura, Spain)

Speed by Furius Baco develops incredible. Right from the start is the acceleration to 135 miles per hour only in 2.9-3.5 seconds, while acceleration is about 10.7 m/s, which exceeds the acceleration of gravity (9.8 m/s). The reaction of the audience changes from the heart-rending cry to speechless silence in expectation of imminent death. The thrill adds to the unusual design of the seats, which are located on the sides of the rail, so that travelers literally hang in the air without feeling underfoot no support. At the end of the 850-foot track carried by just a few inches above the water, which is even nice in the Spanish summer heat.

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