The scariest rides in the world

Irrepressible thirst of extreme sports and thrills – that’s what motivates people who buy tickets to the scariest amusement Park rides. By the way, adrenaline is one of the most effective ways to not only combat stress but also improve health in General. Race around a loop at a speed of 150 km per hour, the person becomes much easier to relate to everyday difficulties and problems. So what are the scariest rides in the world? The answer to this question will be presented in our article.

“Over the roof of the world”

It’s not one, but three of the attraction, located at the top of the tower, the casino-hotel called “stratosphere Las Vegas”. The building, whose height reaches 350 meters, is the second largest observation tower in the Western hemisphere. First place was awarded to the CN tower, located in Toronto. However, the rides of the Stratosphere are considered leaders in altitude in the world. Let us examine each of these in more detail.

Carousel Insanity(“Madness”), opened in 2005, is a thrilling ride that spins over three hundred meters deep just two dozen meters from the edge of the roof. Thrills visitors adds a somewhat unusual location of the seats – in the process of movement of the centrifuge people are face down . Open booths allow fans of extreme sports to neperedavaemye from the flight over the precipice.

Trailer XScream (“Cry”) also belongs to the category of the highest rides on the planet. Platform with seats moves on the short rail located at an angle, the angle which is constantly changing. Having developed a tremendous speed, the cart reaches the end of the road, essentially “nominated” beyond the edge of the railway, and then abruptly stops. And so it is repeated several times in a row.

Catapult BigShot (Big shot), built in 1996, raises people to a height of 330 meters at a speed of 70 km per hour. Plenty of admiring breathtaking landscapes, visitors rapidly fall down. By the way, the “Catapult” is recognized as the best viewing platform, climb the which dare not everyone.

“The flying Dutchman”

Catapult, located in Cyprus an amusement Park that looks something like a giant slingshot. So many visitors say it is an extreme attraction that way. In seconds “cocoon” with people soars to a height of forty meters is like to be on the roof of 15-storey building. Then the cabin continues its movement, falling down, again appearing at the top. Experience such flight is hard to describe in words.

Fantastic view of the attraction in the evening give thousands of colorful lamps. This is a truly fascinating spectacle. It should be noted that at the request of the visitors the “journey” can be captured by a wireless onboard camera. Viewing this disk will allow thrill-seekers to relive the thrill and share your emotions with family and friends. To appreciate the beauty of this crazy entertainment possible, after reviewing the following video.


The so-called unique roller coaster, built in Japan a few years ago. This attraction with the maximum angle of descent, reaching 121 degrees, listed in the Guinness Book of records. The soundtrack, more than a kilometer long, includes 7 loops. The height of the main of them comes up to 43 meters.

The brave men who dared to visit these slides, in the process of a steep drop at a speed of about 100 km per hour for a few seconds be in a state of weightlessness. It should be noted that the trip comes amid picturesque scenery and is just 112 seconds. The construction of this attraction spent more than $ 20 million. One glance at him is breathtaking.

So look the scariest rides in the world, which will not leave indifferent any Amateur thrill. Their visit promises to turn into an exciting adventure, memorable for a lifetime. Just a couple of moments of fear and all problems will be insignificant compared to the experienced emotions. This method of improving health and relieving stress is not only effective but also the most fun.

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