The most interesting parks on the planet

The most famous theme Park – of course, Disneyland . which appeared in 1955. Since then it has opened many more no less interesting parks: cinematic, paleontological, and just fabulous. Adults and children there waiting for a sea of emotions and impressions.

PEOPLETALK gathered for you the most interesting and exciting theme parks from around the world. Onward to adventure!

There is a huge network of parks Legoland. he the world built from LEGO bricks.

The first one opened in 1968 in Denmark .

To date, six such parks in Denmark, England, Germany, Malaysia and two in the United States .

In these parks out of LEGO and build something incredible. For example, the island of the dinosaurs, a copy of Las Vegas or the water Park.

The Park area is divided into blocks according to topics, each unit is designed for children of a certain age. Adults, of course, to be bored here, too, is not necessary.

This fabulous place is located near the city of Feldhausen in the Netherlands .

Efteling is a movie Park with real movie studios from Warner Brothers .

It was originally dedicated to the old European fairy tales and their characters, but in the end, Efteling became a full-fledged place for fun with amerykanskiego and other attributes of fun.

But fabulous theme Park is in the first place.

So the atmosphere here is just amazing!

Every fan of hobbits wants to get into their magical world.

This place in New Zealand was built in 1999 for the filming of ” the Lord of the rings “.

The Director of the film, one flew over the expanse of New Zealand, decided that this place is perfect for its fabulous village. After filming, the site was launched, and many of the houses of the hobbits was destroyed.

However, in 2011 for the filming of “the Hobbit” buildings are not only restored, but multiplied them. In the end, Hobbiton decided to keep and create a Park for the many fans and tourists.

Park Harry Potter

In the us city of Orlando in Florida is as much as two parks of Harry Potter .

Getting the first one, you find yourself in the scenery of the village of Hogsmeade . and the second recreated the Bank “Gringotts” and the shops of Diagon Alley.

And in 2016 the Park of Harry Potter will appear in Hollywood .

Author JK Rowling (49) was personally involved in creating the parks.

So, once there, you will definitely be in the story.

Dinosaur Park Munchehagen in the German city of Hamburg is the largest theme Park in Europe .

Presented here is about 220 models of dinosaurs in life-size.

Very impressive picture, which is interesting to see people of all ages.

Another place with dinosaur figures is located in the South-East of Cuba .

On the site of a Prehistoric valley are more than 200 dinosaur models.

It is worth a look.

Park named “the Little Prince”

The little Prince from the famous book by Saint-Exupery, the French shone a Park.

It at an altitude of 150 meters installed balloons, they represent the planets that were visited by the Little Prince .

With these fabulous balls of the visitors to the Park can explore the area.

For entertainment, there live foxes, you can play with them and feed them, rides with aviation themes, and more interactive dialogues with the established on the computers characters of Saint-Exupery .

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