The most famous amusement parks

Already in the XIX century began to appear designated for entertainment. Often amusement parks were opened during seasonal fairs or on the eve of holidays. In the twentieth century there has been a breakthrough parks of Walt Disney – Disneyland after success at home, began to open around the world. We will hold a quick review of the famous entertainment parks.

The World Of Walt Disney.

This is the most famous and biggest amusement Park in the world. The Park is located not far from Orlando, Florida, on the territory 121,7 km2. This giant square is suitable for a small town, and this is the World of Walt Disney. The first visitors to the Park took in 1971, October 1, when opened the first part of the Park “Magic Kingdom”. Walt Disney himself did not live to see its opening, but the development of the project began during his lifetime. Only nine years later was completed the second part of the Walt Disney World theme Park Epcot, which is all the scientific achievements of mankind. Then in 1989, the turn has come for “Hollywood studios, Disney”, and in 1998 opened “Disney’s animal Kingdom”.

In lamonarca Walt Disney World and its environs for tourists hospitably open door 33 hotels, many cafes, restaurants and eateries await guests. At the Park, linking part, there are three monorail, and also has a bus service. The most popular Disney opened in Paris, Tokyo, Annaheim and Hong Kong.

Amusement Park in Denmark, opened in 1968 and dedicated to the toy – designer “LEGO”. The entire Park and its rides are constructed of 45 million LEGO blocks. Zonal Park is divided into themes, each of which is suitable to a particular age of the child. For those wishing to explore the Park in detail, there are hotels for families with children . The amusement Park can be a snack between rides. Younger visitors can enjoy a Burger House, and seven restaurants to choose from. And the latest “LEGO” can be purchased in the shops located on the main street of Legoland.

This amusement Park occupies the third place in Europe after Disneyland Paris and the Spanish Port of Ventura. Is Mirabilis 750 thousand m2, near Rimini, Italy. The Park has 37 modern rides, and work with circus troupes around the world. Very popular Russian ice show. Constantly held a variety of performances and shows.

Today in all parts of the world has its own gem in the field of entertainment business.

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