The giant swing

Giant swing set on the square in front of vatom Suthat, not a dummy. Today it is a striking Bangkok landmark. Once the swing was part of the brahminical ceremonies, that is, of the clergy. The giant swing made entirely of teak wood, was built by order of king Rama I in 1784. Then their height was increased to 42 meters, is now a much more modest height of 27 metres. They were initially established in 1784 in front of the brahmin tomb of Avestan. The Giant swing ceremony was one of the 12 Royal ceremonies in every month of the Thai lunar calendar.

First, the Giant swing ceremony held in the first lunar month, but in the XIX century, during the Rattanakosin Kingdom, it began in the second lunar month, when for ten days to celebrate the New year. Ceremony the Giant swing has roots in the Hindu epic. She is dedicated to the birth of a new world and expression of gratitude to God Shiva for the rice harvest. On this day, Shiva and Vishnu temple visit. When Brahma created the world, he told Shiva to take care of and to take care of it. Shiva came down to earth, but the snakes, to keep their grip on the mountains turned around them. Then Shiva threw the serpent into the sea. So, the ceremony of the swing metaphorically conveys the story, because the columns represent a giant mountain, and actually swing the Ground. The ceremony was the fact that the faithful(of course, men) were swinging higher and higher and from a height of approximately 25 m was trying to grab with his teeth a small sack of coins.

In the era of Rama II the swing severely damaged by lightning, and the ceremony stopped spending. In 1920 due to the construction of the plant in this area, the swing set was dismantled and moved to its present location. The ceremony continued until 1935, and then banned – too many serious injuries, some incompatible with life. But as a monument to the swing kept. Several times they were restored. In 2005 they started to completely remodel. It took six trunks of teak trees: two of them with a height of 30 meters are used as poles, the other perform functions similar to the buttresses, their height is 20 meters. Then the Giant swing was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

In 2006, updated the Giant swing again took his seat, and in the following year the king himself Phumiphon Adunyadet held a special Royal ceremony. But the Thais have preserved and the original swing, which are now kept in the National Museum.

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