The extreme amusement Park

The extreme amusement Park “BASE SPETSNAZ”

Do you believe in mysticism? Are you afraid of her? But the organizers of the Kyiv Park of extreme entertainments ventured to appoint a Grand opening special forces Base on Friday, August 13 !

Journalists and the stars caught in the Park before the official opening, incredibly lucky. They managed to drive a Quad bike . managed to take part in a water fight, to jump with a parachute and a bite to eat real soldier’s porridge . And all this at a temperature of 40C!

Open a Database held at 18: 00 the ceremonial cutting of the barbed wire “grinder.” After that, the guests of the Park were shocked by the exponential recovery process hostage at the height of 36 meters. On this day all the rides were totally free.

ABOUT the BASE of the special FORCES the opening of the complex was a sensation for the Ukrainians. For the first time since training special forces soldiers were shot secrecy. Now everyone can come here and test their ability and endurance. A similar Park in Ukraine only. It is located on Trukhaniv island in the center of Kiev. The reason for choosing the place was the 36-meter parachute tower, built in the 70-ies . For a long time it was closed and was not functioning, but now it is completely restored and updated propanamine AutoQuest. She became the axis around which started to build a Base of special forces.

TESTING ON the BASIS of SPEZZA AND now she is ready to offer you to jump with a parachute from the tower, running through the rope route 100 meters, swing on the two bungee 12 and 16 meters . to check the accuracy in target shooting from different weapons (machine gun, machine gun, automatic rifle and an automatic pistol). You can also climb ( bouldering ) and down ( delivering ) at the outer wall of the tower with the insurance. All this can seriously test the strength of every visitor Base of special forces.

And last, the most pleasant. Absolutely any kind of test will cost you no more than 90 UAH.

Information ABOUT the COST of ONE PASS of the training device parachute Jump from a tower 36 meters — 90 UAH – Rope obstacle course — 50 UAH – Shooting machine gun (200 rounds) — 90 UAH – climbing vertical wall with belay equipment — 20 UAH (15 minutes) – Descent bungee 12 m and 16 — 30 and 20 UAH sootvetsvenno

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