The best amusement parks in Europe

Sometimes even adults want for childlike have fun, be surprised and experience the joy of children. Where else can you do it like not in the parks! Rides, lights, costumes, cotton candy and water slides – and how can you not enjoy this? Modern amusement parks are a great place to relax with the whole family, but some of them are so rich and delicious that children and adults will remember how they were great!

Disneyland. France

The story of such places need to start with Disneyland. Developed by Disney theme parks have become almost standard among his own kind.

In Disneyland Paris has everything that we love Disney – Sleeping beauty’s castle, the ship of the Pirates of the Caribbean dizzying roller coaster of Indiana Jones with a triple loop, and more.

The Park hosts many shows, musicals and other events. The rides here are for children, and that children are not allowed at all.

Near by Disneyland is still dedicated to the film industry Walt Disney Studios Park, where you can opportunity to see a staged scene with gunfights, chases and fights, Disney Village clubs, boutiques and restaurants, and a separate set for sports.

Port Aventura. Spain

Ispanskie Port Aventura amazing variety of styles, which are all decorated. The complex is divided spatially and thematically into five countries: the Mediterranean, China, Mexico, Polynesia and the Wild West. It is designed in thorough compliance with the chosen theme – from the design of buildings and drawings on the cups with drinks to clothes of employees and the names of the rides. Want to ride on the back of the Chinese Dragon Khan, please, or maybe you are interested in rafting down the Grand Canyon – then you are in the Wild West.

The rides at Port Aventura are very diverse – you can not just shoot the breeze on the crazy roller coaster, but also to visit cowboy saloon, wander in the maze or try the deep diving simulator.

Gardaland. Italy

The biggest amusement Park of Italy, located on the shores of picturesque lake Garda and is really a huge area. Regardless of age and preferences, it is the perfect theme can find everything. On sale at the entrance of the map are marked with colors in different places depending on what you can find – fun for kids, relaxing boat rides or extreme rides.

The creators of Gardaland gathered in this variety of images and themes that successfully beat the scenery and special effects: fantasy, space, Atlantis, East and more.

Proximity to the Park other interesting places such as the Oceanarium, the ancient Italian towns of the lake Garda, is able to make the journey to these places is rich and very diverse.

Park Asterix. France

Another great amusement Park located in France, causing the tourists and the French themselves often face a dilemma, where to go. Disneyland attracts the attention of many, but those who appreciate the spirit of mischief and freedom, of course, have to go to the Park Asterix. The main motives here – Ancient Rome, ancient Greece, Egypt, Vikings and, of course, rebellious, and never losing heart the Gauls of the famous cartoons and comics.

Park Asterix is located the second largest roller coaster in the world – the “Thunder of Zeus”. In addition, you can visit more than thirty rides, including many water, for example, a warship of the Vikings, Dolphin of Poseidon. You can walk in druid woods, or dine at one of the restaurants. And every hour under the main tent, Park an exciting and fun battle of the Romans with the Gauls.

The Europa-Park. Germany.

This German theme Park in 2010 was recognized as the best in the world – it definitely has something to do and see. The rides at Europa-Park is divided thematically, so that they form small copies of the European countries.

There are 11, and some of them are presented with truly unexpected rides. In Germany, you can take the children for brilliant vintage cars, a Spanish “Boat of Columbus” to feel like a sailor in a storm, and in Russia – to visit the space station “Mir” or the cold Siberian landscapes.

In each “country” also has its own institutions, which serve national cuisine. There is no shortage of high-speed rides – for example, at the 73-meter “Silver star” overclocking trailers up to 130 km/h.

Legoland. Denmark.

At the time kids LEGO captivated the imagination of many children around the world. Every once wanted to build a house, boat or other figure of small colorful LEGO bricks. Danish Legoland for almost half a century has acquired a considerable number of attractions, so what is interesting here is not only for children. There are speed slides, and a 5D cinema, and robots and, of course, all kinds of variations of the famous designer from tiny miniatures to giant blocks.

Here you can find a huge number of LEGO figurines represent people, cars floating down the river ships and the jungle. Beat in Legoland the theme is also very extensive – here you and the pirates, and knights, and animals, and superheroes.

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