The amusement Park HopLop

Amusement parks and kids parties in Helsinki, Lappeenranta and other Finland

HopLop is the largest network in Finland monothematic entertainment parks for children and adults who can relax there from their brats. Moreover, one feature of the Park is free entry for parents. At the moment in Finland, there are 14 such parks and kids parties where the kids can jump in inflatable mattresses and trampolines, walk the maze, build a house, ride in the car, and even to celebrate a birthday.

From entertainment and kids parties in more detail:

The maze adventure . Occupies a large part of the complex and a children’s time with their ladders, bridges and all sorts of fun.

Dry pool . where the child can swim happily and safely in a colorful sea of balls.

Slides of different lengths, widths, complexity, and color.

Racing on pedal cars . A good way to feel like an adult.

The construction of the houses and castles of great designers like the smallest. And even older children. A good way to find yourself already at such a young age. Suddenly one day, someone their children would become a great architect.

The climbing will appeal to young thrill-seekers from the category of small thieves. In itself this activity is of course harmless – holders on the wall are made of all sorts of fun critters like octopuses, and rabotnichesko intently watching. Children same similar attraction will help to develop coordination and endurance.

Board games can help your kids to take a breath between the more mobile events.

If necessary, and the wishes of the child, you can even order a personal instructor. Hop Lop accepts and large groups of children between 6 people. It turns out cheaper.

Birthday in the Park HopLop

Very popular and holding birthday parties at the amusement Park HopLop . For children there are different themes for the party (Princess, pirate race, new year, monster and others) and of course they can choose the menu (if you allow parents) the menu includes exotic dishes like sweet “worms and monsters.” But the kids like it.

Just lunch with the whole family hot healthy food in the restaurant and kids parties. Offers a wide selection of snacks, hot dogs, home-cooked meal for the whole family. A hot dog will cost 3.5 euros. Salad (Greek or Caesar) 5.90-small 7.90 large. Famous meat meatballs with mashed potatoes – 5 Euro-small portion, 9 euros. There is a large family portion for 18.5 euros. And of course, a choice of coffee, cocoa, tea for 2.20 Viennese pastries and cakes to choose from 2.20 per share. Ice cream from 3.5 euros.

In a cafe Hop Lop in advance thinking about what you have, unfortunately, may be allergic, so anyone that can needs to be clarified at the checkout.

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