The amusement Park Gardaland

Travelers who go on vacation with the whole family, it is very important to find suitable entertainment where it will be interesting to both adults and children. A real gem for tourists is the Park of Gardaland . a fascinating and unforgettable holiday to its guests is guaranteed.

General information.

Gardaland is a unique theme Park, located on the shores of picturesque lake Garda. To the centre of Milan entertainment complex not shared by more than one and a half hours drive away, the amusement Park is one of the largest in Europe.

It covers an area of over 500 thousand square meters and has a developed infrastructure, visitors can choose from more than 40 unique rides, as well as the many beautifully appointed lounge areas. Without any doubt we can say that this is the most popular amusement Park in Italy. Gardaland is like for those who prefer water sports, water rides here are just huge.

Features of the infrastructure.

Many believe that Gardaland is a kind of analogue of the Disneyland, in fact, the Park has many unique features and one of them is infrastructure. Park visitors can rest comfortably on its territory a few days, and all thanks to the availability of comfortable hotel. Four star hotel with the same name is neposredstvennost from the Park Gardaland . it is decorated in a unique theme and is well equipped for children.

In addition to the rides, which the Park has more than forty, available to vacationers for more than twenty interesting shops where you can buy the original Souvenirs and other themed products. Like Gardaland in Italy and those who love to spend time in a beautiful natural area. In the Park there are some fabulously beautiful parks that are ideal for serene pastime and a sport. There are Gardaland and excellent restaurants, which menu will surprise even the most demanding gourmets.

The most interesting attractions.

To surprise the discerning modern travelers are difficult, among the many amusement parks in Italy, Gardaland is a leader not by chance. He is ready to offer its guests a lot of unique attractions, which is unique in the world.

Adventurers is sure to impress the canyon “Rio Bravo” — a great simulation of the Wild West. Fans of stories about magicians like Merlin’s castle and lovely Village of elves, a walk through which will be unforgettable. Watching belly dancing and buy a few Souvenirs from these Eastern merchants on the Arab square, and the lovers Safari more like “African” pavilion Tung.

One of the most striking innovations, which allocates Gardaland in Italy from other malls, is an attraction “the Flying island”. It is a kind of space station, to try out the attraction is to those who wish to assess the landscape of the entertainment complex from the height of bird flight.

Every year Gardaland in Italy is getting more and more fans. The infrastructure of the Park is continuously improved, it never ceases to delight guests with bright new “discoveries”. Gardaland is an amazing fairy-tale world, which will offer young guests with its welcoming atmosphere and adults will allow you to experience a carefree childhood.

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