Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa — the best vacation on Sentosa island

At the Resorts World Sentosa presents the world’s leaders in the entertainment industry whose attractions will appeal, to both children and adults.

The sea of entertainment at Resorts World Sentosa

In the famous resort of Singapore, Sentosa island has many different attractions for children and adults. Among them it is worth to highlight the theme parks “Madagascar”, “the Lost world”, “Ancient Egypt”, “city of the Future”.

Theme Park for children Universal Studios Singapore

Going on vacation on Sentosa with children, be sure to go to the only throughout Southeast Asia, Universal Studios Singapore. Here you are waiting for more than twenty different rides and attractions dedicated to Hollywood movies and cartoons, including the blockbuster Steven Spielberg’s “transformers” and “Jurassic Park”. You can also see the stunt show Water world, ride the world’s tallest roller coaster, will visit Sci-Fi City, you will visit the “Ancient Egypt”, “new York” and “Hollywood Boulevard”. By the way, 18 amusement rides have been developed by the leaders of the entertainment industry specially for Singapore and Sentosa .

Children’s theme Park Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore

Tematicheskie “Madagascar”

Sentosa island is an extraordinary place: resting here, you will be able to see Madagascar. The fact that in Singapore, on Sentosa island there is a special theme Park “Madagascar” based on the famous cartoon Studio DreamWorks Animation. Visiting it, you will find yourself in the pristine jungle, where live funny lemurs.

Theme Park Madagascar, Singapore

Theme Park “Ancient Egypt”

Choosing a holiday on Sentosa, do not miss the chance to explore the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. In a Park dedicated to the history of this mysterious country, you will see the ancient pyramids and learn about the curses associated with the sarcophagi of the pharaohs.

Theme Park Ancient Egypt, Singapore

Parks “Hollywood” and “new York”

The city-state of Singapore Sentosa island is rightfully considers to be his pride. Going to Sentosa, you will be able in absentia to visit even in the United States. Streets of new York and Hollywood, recreated in theme parks, will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of large and noisy American cities and even to walk on the world famous walk of Fame.

Theme Park Hollywood, Singapore

A variety of theme parks of Singapore

During a vacation on Sentosa you can also visit parks such as the “Shrek 4D Adventure”, “the Lost world” and “city of the future”. In addition, soon in Singapore, will open a marine life Park where you can swim in the pool with the dolphins and watch the colourful reef fish.

You can also go on a “Holiday stroll” around the island of Singapore Sentosa, during which you will buy Souvenirs, eat lunch and buy tickets to any theme parks Resorts World Sentosa.

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