Port Aventura. Shambhala.

Spanish Shambhala is a world of adrenaline-fueled acceleration

In one of the most picturesque parts of the Spanish territory near the resort area of Salou, is located this spectacular Park with the most exotic rides in the world – PortAventura. A Paradise on the Costa Blanca, he captivates the hearts of a huge number of visitors from different countries. In mid-may there was a new fantastic fun for tourists attraction with the curious name of Shambhala.

The new product is consistent with its creative name. According to legend in the massifs of Central Asia lost this mythical state of Shambhala. Spanish Grand attraction in its splendor and expressive colour became a real icon of PortAventura.

Petite Shamballa changed the line of the horizon area. If the Park really stood out, due to Dragon Khan, itself a symbol of elegant places, and from now on in favor of gigantic proportions Shambhala. This attraction is rightly called the longest and is truly a giant slide in the world.

Sheltered Shambhala popular area of the Park is China, which, by the way, and placed the infamous Dragon Khan, who lost the novelty of first place in height. The developers are not afraid of what Shambhala will Eclipse its splendor glory DragonKhan. Located next two slides perfectly harmonize with each other. A couple of giants even intersect in 4 places. Romantically bright colours Shambhala successfully allocated in the background elegant blue-red color Dragón Khan.

Soaring through the winding of the line new roller coaster, visitors to the Park can feel like an inexperienced Wanderers in the enchanting journey to the breathtakingly beautiful peaks of the Himalayas. Engineering activities during the construction of the attraction were performed with surgical precision. Shambhala stretches for a good 1600 metres. In the ground she is 18 meters and weighs 1600 tons.

Shambhala is classified as “hypergolic”, and therefore is characterized by the largest size, most giant camelbacks and the greatest height in Europe. Snaky route dotted with loops, through which visitors are moving on it with incredible acceleration. The new Park has a serious record. First, it is one of the biggest in Europe height above ground level (76 meters). Secondly, has the longest in Europe descent (78 meters). Thirdly, a leader within the continent at the rate of descent (134 km/h).

25 million new Park guarantees guests the thrill of riding and great emotions. Agree, the adrenaline experience of the so-called effect of the air time, that is, loss of contact with the seat, it is impossible either to describe or to forget.

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