Park Tivoli

Copenhagen for kids and adults: amusement Park Tivoli

If you wish unforgettable experiences for yourself and your child, be sure to visit one of the main attractions of Copenhagen is the Tivoli Park, which is open only 5 months out of the year. Tivoli is the oldest amusement Park in Europe. He is the ancestor of all modern Lunapark, including Disneyland Paris and ideal for families with children.

The Park was founded in 1843 as a journalist and entrepreneur Georg Carstensen. Had money and connections, Carstensen made by king Christian VIII approval of the project construction in the place of fortifications surrounding Copenhagen, as well as tax exemption in the first years of the Park.

After the construction of the Tivoli orgomnoe instantly acquired popularity because it is difficult to find a person who is indifferent to entertainment. On the other hand, the opening of the Park contributed to the democratization of society, as paying for the ticket, all social groups receive equal rights and opportunities. Thus, the Tivoli has become a unique place where they could meet and communicate.

Features of the Park: the constant updating and continuing tradition

“Tivoli will never be completed!”- said about the Park is its Creator, Karstensen. Over the years of their sushestvovaniya repeatedly rebuilt and updated, constantly improving your appearance. To date Tivoli time Andersen has little left.

The vintage of construction, which are about 150 years is the main entrance and the pavilion pantomime. Other old buildings have been replaced or modernized, new rides are open and presented a new concept of entertainment to meet the ever changing needs of the population.

Today the Park is a rare mix of old and new, entertainment, and culture. The original idea remains intact and many traditions date back to the first years of Tivoli: illuminated vintage carousel, entertainers, fireworks, live music, pantomime theatre, guard boys and so on

Entertainment not only for children but also for adults

In Tivoli, everyone can find something to your taste. While the children have fun on the numerous rides that parents can ride on a huge roller coaster called “Demon”, to see a play or eat out in one of the 24 restaurants, some of whom are very famous, such as the Hard Rock Café.

A walk in the Park and its location

Tivoli is an oasis of relaxation in the heart of Copenhagen with fantastic atmosphere. You can reach it very easily because it is located near the Central train station. The entrance ticket can be purchased for the use of amusement, and just to visit the Park. At various times along the paths of the Park strolled Hans Christian Andersen, Alexander Benois, Louis Armstrong, Jawaharlal Nehru. After a visit to Tivoli, Walt Disney and the thought of his Disneyland.

When to go?

The Park is open in the warm season: from mid-April to mid-September. Also here celebrated Halloween – C14 on 23 October and held a Christmas fair – from 11 November to 30 December. According to various sources, visit Tivoli every year from 4 to 7 million people.

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