Park Mini Siam

Having been in the amusement Park Mini Siam. you will be able to see all the sights in the world, as the Park contains copies of the most famous places in the world. The entrance to the Park costs about 300 baht, if it is very Sunny weather. you can get special umbrellas. The Park is divided into two parts, the first part contains the most famous objects from all over the world, and the second temples and other attractions of Thailand and its surrounding countries. There is even a small copy of St. Basil’s Cathedral, so take your time and be sure to visit this Park

Mini Siam is a work of horticultural art, so as near presents thumbnails of growing miniature trees, made up of gardens, flower beds, streams and fountains. And in the evening at the Mini Siam is especially beautiful, as all compositions are illuminated with a special illumination.

Since I’m not far from this Park, be sure to look! I would like to know about the cost of a visit or it’s free. )

We were at this Park last year. A wonderful place to feel like a giant in the land of Lilliput. I guess so and ususallly.

Yes, a great opportunity just 1 hour to visit many countries, USA, Australia, France, Russia, Thailand. Mini Siam is better to visit in the evening when these miniatures are highlighted.

The Park is just stunning. There are so many interesting, if possible, it is certainly worth to visit it.

As they say, “I agree with the previous speakers”. We were also in this Park. Decided to get out themselves, and friends advised to go still light, but towards evening, to assess the difference of the impressions of “bright” and “dark” Mini Siam. At the entrance, surprised by the demons – a very fabulous and Oriental the bright explosion of colors. Although, if you look closely, the hints there did not seem so much – I guess the equipment affected. Regarding ideas with backlight – exactly, the difference is huge. Personally, I’m in daylight have to pay more attention on the dwarf trees, flowers and lawns – really love this kind of concise geometry. But twilight changed everything. The light is so surprisingly emphasizes these architectural wonders is that they seem to rise above the surface, hovering, surrounded by light. First we walked through the first part of the Park, which contains the European architectural masterpieces. But when we went into the Conjoined part, I suddenly realized that fundamentally disagree with the usual view of many tourists. Almost all who visited Mini Siam immediately start to admire the Eiffel tower, the triumphal arch, the Colosseum, the leaning tower, many with joy “like in Egypt” rush to Abu Simbela or the Sphinx. I was particularly puzzled by the phrase “even here the Basil’s Cathedral is!” It is clear that the Russians are glad to see among the wonderful monuments and your native. But the feeling that it can only be seen in Pattaya, and to Moscow drive in any way. Me personally much more impressed by the iconic temple architecture of Siam. Everything can not remember, but especially shook the temple of the goddess Aruna and the temple of Angkor Wat. I think it’s really colorful, unusual and memorable.

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