Park Asterix in Paris

Parc Asterix is dedicated to the characters of the famous comic of the Gauls and Romans and is one of the largest amusement parks in the country. It is worth noting that the French pay respect to its history, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that Asterix and Obelix are so popular in France.

Parc Asterix in Paris – one of the favorite places of rest of children and teenagers from around the world. Here to services of visitors are more than thirty rides and attractions, among which was a place of roller coasters, various carousels, water runs and more. First and foremost, this place will interest teenagers as well as children of secondary school age. It should be noted that most of the rides have certain height restrictions. many of them accessible to children above 100 cm 120 cm

In this Park is one of the longest roller coasters in the world. Fans of water attractions will also be there, to pay attention to. In addition, the Park Asterix in Paris is famous for its interesting thematic statements.

Pay attention to the fact that here the children have a wonderful ability to communicate with nature. In the Park are often trained animals, and shows shows with vultures and eagles. Besides validity can visit the Dolphinarium and watch the clouds fish in a huge pond.

The Asterix Park allows its visitors to travel back in time and visit the house of the Vikings, go on the galley, or even be in the Roman Empire and see the famous Gladiator fights.

Restaurants, cafes and shops located within the Park, as if imbued with the spirit of French history and comics. Of course, young visitors will be delighted by the exciting theme, however the main goal of Asterix to be an interesting tool in history. For example, in the town of artisans, children and adults will be able to learn how is made cheese, wine, utensils of clay or glass, and many other things. In addition, the historic street shows will allow the Park to be not only a spectator but also a direct participant of the action. Light make-up and fancy clothing are able to turn your child into a real street artist!

Note that the Park astérix is open daily from April to October, the rest of the time on a special schedule. Of course, in cold weather, some water attractions are closed, but begins to work the ice rink. In addition, after that, the kids can warm up with a flavored hot chocolate, and parents – tart mulled wine.

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