The extreme amusement Park

The extreme amusement Park “BASE SPETSNAZ”

Do you believe in mysticism? Are you afraid of her? But the organizers of the Kyiv Park of extreme entertainments ventured to appoint a Grand opening special forces Base on Friday, August 13 !

Journalists and the stars caught in the Park before the official opening, incredibly lucky. They managed to drive a Quad bike . managed to take part in a water fight, to jump with a parachute and a bite to eat real soldier’s porridge . And all this at a temperature of 40C!

Open a Database held at 18: 00 the ceremonial cutting of the barbed wire “grinder.” After that, the guests of the Park were shocked by the exponential recovery process hostage at the height of 36 meters. On this day all the rides were totally free.

ABOUT the BASE of the special FORCES the opening of the complex was a sensation for the Ukrainians. For the first time since training special forces soldiers were shot secrecy. Now everyone can come here and test their ability and endurance. A similar Park in Ukraine only. It is located on Trukhaniv island in the center of Kiev. The reason for choosing the place was the 36-meter parachute tower, built in the 70-ies . For a long time it was closed and was not functioning, but now it is completely restored and updated propanamine AutoQuest. Continue reading

Tour to Disneyland Paris

Tour to Disneyland will open for you and your children a huge fairytale land of Disney, where magical world of children’s fantasy turns into reality, and this transformation of “living” the tale becomes even more attractive. This wonderful land, where kids and their parents hours of fun and excitement, located just 35 km from Paris. Thrilling rides, live favorite cartoon characters, colorful performances – the list is meaningless. Live with your family at least one day in a fairy tale! But if You do not want to so quickly to part with it, you can stay in one of the great hotels of the Disneyland resort in the Park. Hotels Disneyland – it’s endless fun! And then the holiday will be with You every day. Want to get an incomparable feel? Then tour to Disneyland for You! You will have the most magical weekend. The Park will surprise You and your children a lot of pleasant surprises!


MORNING: transfer from the airport Charles de Gaulle airport to hotel Disneyland Hotel accommodation at the hotel.

LUNCH: AT one of the restaurants of the Park. Recommend Agrabah Café with a lunch buffet with Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine, the restaurant is decorated in the style of a fairy tale Magic lamp of Aladdin. Continue reading

Ferris wheel

From the window booths of the Ferris wheel in Helsinki at Katajanokka promontory offers a magnificent view of the city and the expanse of the Gulf of Finland.

On the site of the demolished port terminal “Canaveral” on the Cape Katajanokka appeared skywheel Helsinki Sky Wheel, the height of the building is 50 metres away. Ride above the Ferris wheel, built in the capital’s amusement Park linnanmäki, and above all the houses. Therefore, reaching the highest point, the whole Helsinki can be seen.

The Ferris wheel is designed for almost 300 people 36 heated gondolas can accommodate 8 passengers. Out of the 30 air-conditioned cabins, painted in white and blue tones, can see the Islands of the Baltic sea, rooftops, boulevards and numerous sights such as the nearby Uspenski Cathedral and Senate square. A standard trip lasts 15 minutes and costs € 9 for children and € 12 for adults.

For luxury lovers, the organizers prepared a surprise – VIP cabin with comfortable leather seats, a glass floor, on the table is a champagne from the famous house of Veuve Clicquot. The cost of a 30-minute drive — about 200 euros.

A new Ferris wheel is incredibly popular not only with tourists but also locals, especially the newlyweds.

For sosedstvuet attraction appeared in the picnic area. Here you can picnic, sunbathe. Continue reading


In Belpasso (ital. Belpasso) in the region of Sicily in southern Italy, opened a huge amusement Park Etnaland Themapark. Local entrepreneur Francesco Russello without state participation have developed a unique project, commissioned and funded the establishment of the amusement Park Etnaland, which cost him approximately fifty million euros. According to the businessman, the Etnaland Themapark is a great tale that has all of the amusement characteristics: size, quality, and beauty does not yield the best parks in Italy and Europe.

Of course, Sicily can not compete with the famous port Aventura or Terra Mitica in Spain, but to attract those who are on holiday with children in Italy may. Sicily is not unlike the amazing world of desert steppes and orange groves, a world of peace Greek temples, the world of the Arab conquerors, and the Greek philosophers, the world of the azure sea and the playing of the volcano. But, the most fascinating place for tourists with children is Park Etnaland Themapark.

Among all the rides in the Park Etnaland Themapark it is possible to allocate a roller coaster Eldorado and The Storm that will allow you to enjoy the “pleasant” shock and speed at a height of thirty meters, the ride Etnaland Tower – safe fall from 60 m. Continue reading

The scariest rides in the world

Irrepressible thirst of extreme sports and thrills – that’s what motivates people who buy tickets to the scariest amusement Park rides. By the way, adrenaline is one of the most effective ways to not only combat stress but also improve health in General. Race around a loop at a speed of 150 km per hour, the person becomes much easier to relate to everyday difficulties and problems. So what are the scariest rides in the world? The answer to this question will be presented in our article.

“Over the roof of the world”

It’s not one, but three of the attraction, located at the top of the tower, the casino-hotel called “stratosphere Las Vegas”. The building, whose height reaches 350 meters, is the second largest observation tower in the Western hemisphere. First place was awarded to the CN tower, located in Toronto. However, the rides of the Stratosphere are considered leaders in altitude in the world. Let us examine each of these in more detail.

Carousel Insanity(“Madness”), opened in 2005, is a thrilling ride that spins over three hundred meters deep just two dozen meters from the edge of the roof. Thrills visitors adds a somewhat unusual location of the seats – in the process of movement of the centrifuge people are face down . Open booths allow fans of extreme sports to neperedavaemye from the flight over the precipice. Continue reading

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