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In Disneyland.

In Ufa build Europe’s largest theme Park

In the capital of Bashkortostan will build theme Park rides, an analogue of the famous Disneyland, which will be the largest in all of Europe. Hopefully, can find entertainment for every taste: it will include an indoor leisure complex and recreation area on the street, thrill rides and a Ferris wheel. The Ufa authorities admit that this is truly a historic event for the city.

A huge amusement Park is expected to open in Ufa in 2015. Recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Ferris wheel, the largest in Russia among the year-round and third after Moscow and Sochi at altitude is 48 m. indoor complex with children’s and adult rides will be the largest in all of Europe (will be more complex in the open air, it will take people only in the summer). Money for a huge amusement Park gave investors.

The Park will have both the open part, intended for rest and entertainment in summer, and indoor amusement complex — year-round use. The complex will be the largest not only in Russia but also in Europe. Park project, by the way, developed by the specialized company of Europe.

Irek Yalalov, mayor of Ufa at the ceremony of laying the first stone. Continue reading

Park Mini Siam

Having been in the amusement Park Mini Siam. you will be able to see all the sights in the world, as the Park contains copies of the most famous places in the world. The entrance to the Park costs about 300 baht, if it is very Sunny weather. you can get special umbrellas. The Park is divided into two parts, the first part contains the most famous objects from all over the world, and the second temples and other attractions of Thailand and its surrounding countries. There is even a small copy of St. Basil’s Cathedral, so take your time and be sure to visit this Park

Mini Siam is a work of horticultural art, so as near presents thumbnails of growing miniature trees, made up of gardens, flower beds, streams and fountains. And in the evening at the Mini Siam is especially beautiful, as all compositions are illuminated with a special illumination.

Since I’m not far from this Park, be sure to look! I would like to know about the cost of a visit or it’s free. )

We were at this Park last year. A wonderful place to feel like a giant in the land of Lilliput. I guess so and ususallly.

Yes, a great opportunity just 1 hour to visit many countries, USA, Australia, France, Russia, Thailand. Mini Siam is better to visit in the evening when these miniatures are highlighted.

The Park is just stunning. There are so many interesting, if possible, it is certainly worth to visit it.

As they say, “I agree with the previous speakers”. We were also in this Park. Decided to get out themselves, and friends advised to go still light, but towards evening, to assess the difference of the impressions of “bright” and “dark” Mini Siam. Continue reading

Entertainment in Almaty: for children and adults

Recreation — important part of our lives. With or without kids, with friends or alone, where to go and what to do in the southern capital of Kazakhstan.

Entertainment in Almaty is a modern theme parks, water parks, night clubs, bowling halls, able to meet the cultural needs of representatives of different age groups: children and older generation.

Where to go in Almaty? The most visited places of the southern Capital of Kazakhstan — mountain skating rink “Medeu”. zoo. circus. tower “Kok-Tobe”. Park them. Gorky. The Central state Museum. the Oceanarium and Dolphinarium. Hikers can enjoy the architecture of the Central or old part of the city, walk along Almaty Arbat, listen to street performers.

Proponents of an action-Packed evening of entertainment — a nightclub. a karaoke bar or pub .

Having fun – relax!

If you come to Kazakhstan family, and you are interested in activities for children, Almaty offers dozens of places for cultural family time. Very popular theme and water parks, among which leader of Hawaii. Amusement Park and water rides with crystal clear water and a 20 meter extremelyimportant open year-round. Love to jump on the waves? Continue reading

Amusement parks in Holland

The inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, I love to have fun. There are many theme parks where you can spend the whole day with all my family and get great pleasure from the amusement rides, carousels, communicate with each other and the smaller brothers. The most popular amusement parks in the Netherlands are well known and Russian tourists:

Duinrell. The Park is one of the largest in the Kingdom. At least a million visitors annually plays tennis, and flies into the abyss roller coasters, jumping on trampolines and diving into the waterfalls on the toboggan run, applauding the actors of the puppet theater and learn to control the trains. One of the most popular amusement parks in the Netherlands runs from 10 to 18 hours, and the entry of children under 4 years do not have to pay.

Mini-Holland near the Hague – this is an amusement Park Madurodam. Its territory has collected a small copy of the most famous landmarks of the Kingdom – architectural and natural. In the Park you can get acquainted with typical Dutch landscapes, walk through the manicured parks and gardens and marvel at the built in scale 1:25 palaces and cathedrals. The Park always opens at 10 o’clock, but the time of closure depends on the time of year. Children under 3 years old can have fun here for free. Continue reading

The amusement Park HopLop

Amusement parks and kids parties in Helsinki, Lappeenranta and other Finland

HopLop is the largest network in Finland monothematic entertainment parks for children and adults who can relax there from their brats. Moreover, one feature of the Park is free entry for parents. At the moment in Finland, there are 14 such parks and kids parties where the kids can jump in inflatable mattresses and trampolines, walk the maze, build a house, ride in the car, and even to celebrate a birthday.

From entertainment and kids parties in more detail:

The maze adventure . Occupies a large part of the complex and a children’s time with their ladders, bridges and all sorts of fun.

Dry pool . where the child can swim happily and safely in a colorful sea of balls.

Slides of different lengths, widths, complexity, and color.

Racing on pedal cars . A good way to feel like an adult.

The construction of the houses and castles of great designers like the smallest. And even older children. A good way to find yourself already at such a young age. Suddenly one day, someone their children would become a great architect.

The climbing will appeal to young thrill-seekers from the category of small thieves. In itself this activity is of course harmless – holders on the wall are made of all sorts of fun critters like octopuses, and rabotnichesko intently watching. Children same similar attraction will help to develop coordination and endurance.

Board games can help your kids to take a breath between the more mobile events. Continue reading

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