Italy: entertainment in Italy

Theme parks came up with a wise storyteller Walt Disney. It was a great invention! It is a world parallel to normal is an invented reality, the fourth dimension. Or fifth, or sixth. There adults turn into children, and children are experiencing their most acute delight and greatest happiness. After a dizzying falls and toy the horrors of the mirror this reality appears in a different light, forget the stress and tension are usual of everyday life disappears, giving way to bright holiday. It is strange that doctors don’t prescribe the vicinity of parks as the best remedy for all diseases!

Gardaland (Italy, Garda lake) state of the art amusement Park and entertainment is situated on the shores of lake Garda. The Italian equivalent of the famous Disneyland. On site fit rides, restaurants and bars, a huge Safari Park, aviaries with exotic animals, terrarium, Dolphinarium and the famous Park Siguta – a green oasis with artificial lakes and lawns, the brooding caves and fabulous palaces. Here you can witness a jousting tournament, to participate in the excavation of the Egyptian pyramids, to become a pirate, and even meet a “real” dinosaur!

Do not think that this Park is only for children. Just the contrary, adults become children.

Gardaland gives all something so sorely lacking in everyday life: a sense of celebration,where everyone is not just a spectator and participant.

Water parks “Atlantic” and “Aquaball” (Bellaria), amusement Park “Mirabilandia” (located 5 km from Milano Marittima). In the heart of Milano Marittima nightlife is diversity and richness, therefore the nightlife tourists usually travel to nearby resorts. However, the most famous discotheques on the Adriatic – “Pineta” and “stork”, there is plenty of entertainment for lovers of active holidays: the season opened a sports club, Golf and yacht clubs as well as horse riding school.

Water Park “Aquabell”, a gorgeous pedestrian area that combines square Matteotti and Minzoni, where the best shops, bars and restaurants, discos and night clubs.

For children – water Park “Beach Village”, situated right on the beach on the border with Riccione “Italy in miniature” in Viserba Park architectural and natural miniatures of Italy and neighboring European countries, “Fiabilandia” in Rivazurra amusement Park for the little ones, Dolphin. Adult entertainment stores and the restaurants, bars, discos and Nightclubs open until late at night.

For children – the largest on the coast Dolphinarium, water Park “Aquafan near the city. Adult – tourist port Marina, a pedestrian centre with luxury boutiques and restaurants on Viale Ceccarini, the best discotheques of the coast.

Major cultural events in the city – the international Opera festival and the international festival of experimental cinema. Throughout the summer season at the Opera house and concert venues are singers and musicians.

Numerous discos, pubs, bars and restaurants, including on the beaches. Two water parks, one of which, the Onda Blu is the largest in Italy (open from mid-June to mid-September). Rent a pedal boat, snorkeling and spearfishing.

Disco (the largest La Bussola in Viareggio and La Capannina dei Franceschi), night clubs, disco-bars. Every February in Viareggio is a carnival, a scale is not inferior to the Venetian.

Horse riding, sailing, Windsurfing, scuba diving. The island has a soccer field, tennis courts, playgrounds for basketball, volleyball and handball, as well as numerous restaurants, bars, taverns, night clubs, discos. Here are performances of all genres and folk festivals.

Discos, bars, restaurants, tennis and Golf, Cycling, fishing. Here is the famous amusement Park Gardaland, the water Park canevaworld, Safari Park Natura Viva, sigurta Park in Valeggio is the only Park in Italy, which can be reached by car or bike. Athletes will be interesting, Along part of the coast where the unique combination of meteorological conditions – constant wind, Windsurfing is well developed, and annually at the end of September is the most famous in Europe sailing regatta in enclosed waters. On the lake there are 10 professional diving centers where you can rent the necessary equipment and undergo special training.

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