In Sochi opened the world’s highest swing

On Thursday in Sochi has opened an unusual attraction called SochiSwing. In the only Russian Skypark earned the world’s highest swing. Now anyone can experience yourself flying over aksterskim gorge at a height of 170 meters.

They were mounted in September, tested them until mid-November. As experts say, the Sochi swing by as much as 50 m higher than a similar attraction in new Zealand river canyon Nevis (which still was the highest in the world).

Swing on the swing alone or together. The maximum weight that can withstand design – 230 pounds. There are restrictions on age: to enjoy the extreme can only be reached ten years people. And minors here can only come with parents or guardians.

To go, need to go through a simple procedure: first to register, get your number (write it on the back of the hand) and wait for their turn. On in a designated area on the customer wearing the equipment, then traditional instruction. Well, one of the key points: already equipped tourist bring to the metal platform where it is strapped to put on a fabric base to carabine the rope. I. let go in flight.

– Decide – the hardest part. So employees often have to be a little bit psychologists, says instructor Benjamin Ceramides. – We set people say is actually it’s not scary. But at the same time, we need to help the client to meet with the spirit.

The first of the men now jumped 28-year-old Sochi river, the mother of two children Natalia Amelchenko. So, she decided to diversify their maternity leave. That it was not terrible, took the aunt. To the extreme that it was time to try a parachute jump from a height of 100 meters. After playing on the swing Natasha could not hide the emotions:

– It is unforgettable. First, very scary. There were moments when even closed his eyes. But then I relaxed and saw beautiful views of autumn in Krasnaya Polyana. Feel yourself soaring like a bird.

Flying from one part of the valley to the other takes only a few seconds, then slowly raises the rope swing to the starting point. The reaction to the discharge of adrenaline from everyone: someone screaming, while others bravely remained silent. There are those who even sang swaying in the air. But one thing unites, probably, all – the desire to come back here again and bring friends.

One of the had time today to ride the rides was the Creator of the new Zealander A. J. Hackett. He did this in tandem with feared to do it alone the tourist.

– In Sochi the most reliable and modern available in the world such rides. Afraid of absolutely nothing, says Hackett.

As it says, to create here the world’s highest swing and his inspired love of the Olympic capital.

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