In Disneyland.

In Ufa build Europe’s largest theme Park

In the capital of Bashkortostan will build theme Park rides, an analogue of the famous Disneyland, which will be the largest in all of Europe. Hopefully, can find entertainment for every taste: it will include an indoor leisure complex and recreation area on the street, thrill rides and a Ferris wheel. The Ufa authorities admit that this is truly a historic event for the city.

A huge amusement Park is expected to open in Ufa in 2015. Recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Ferris wheel, the largest in Russia among the year-round and third after Moscow and Sochi at altitude is 48 m. indoor complex with children’s and adult rides will be the largest in all of Europe (will be more complex in the open air, it will take people only in the summer). Money for a huge amusement Park gave investors.

The Park will have both the open part, intended for rest and entertainment in summer, and indoor amusement complex — year-round use. The complex will be the largest not only in Russia but also in Europe. Park project, by the way, developed by the specialized company of Europe.

Irek Yalalov, mayor of Ufa at the ceremony of laying the first stone.

That friends sometimes come from other cities to friends with children, and to reduce them, in fact, nowhere. Simple amusement parks, which since the Soviet times, are in every city, but something special in Ufa was not. So I think the new Park will appeal to the townspeople and guests of the capital. My daughter is now two years old, when the Park will complete, you will have to go on the rides.

The main entrance to the future amusement Park will be from the prospectus of October. The first thing guests will see is the Ferris wheel. This will be the third largest Ferris wheel in Russia after Moscow and Sochi, and the largest in the country the wheel for year round use. Booths, which will be 24, equipped with air conditioning and heating. Full turn of the Ferris wheel is going to do in six minutes.

Also in the Park is expected to open its national Bashkir village, Museum of vintage cars, a children’s Playground, dozens of modern rides, including extreme ecological Park, winter garden, summer theater, adventure Park and theme Park “Architecture of the world”, a miniature railroad and more. Will be much reduced for the weekend children.

As a father of five children say that the more parks for children, the better. And we shouldn’t stop there: there’s a water Park, zoo, etc., etc., Recently went all together to the dinopark, the whole family loved it! About the funding: the construction of such large objects need to control every penny allocated from the budget!

If the government will fulfill its promises and really completed everything as promised, it is a very powerful story for geo-PR Ufa, recognizability among other cities. And the most noticeable in the Republic, investment in tourism and entertainment over the last 20 years. Remember Samara and Kazan — people go there for the water parks. And in the Ufa of entertainment while there?

Gafuri Park was a favorite destination of thousands of Soviet children, and in recent years there really… as if mildly… running it was. I hope the renovated Park will not be sky-high prices that everyone could afford to visit it.

Yay! Finally, it is a holiday for children. Is this the miracle we will have. There and adults would love to go, to plunge into childhood ))) we are all little children. What is changing in the good way, and upstairs I realized that OUR children grow here. To fence a prestigious school for their child, the officer cannot from the street and from the environment. In Tatarstan quickly realized, many years ago – children are the future. A happy childhood of your child is worthy of your old age. Customized sports palaces in almost every village, water Park and a bunch of parks. Children have something to do. We had made such a big for youth, for children? So why are we slowing down? Kazan already much ahead of us.

Looked at the slide Park. Terrible anguish for tourists and is no different in principle from the Magical world. Again, why Disneyland? That we have nothing to please the kids, except Donald duck and Mickey mouse? Promised that the Park will be made on motives of the Bashkir fairy tales. And where are they?

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