Hua Hin Water Parks

In General, collecting water parks, I think, great to brighten up your personal chronicle travel: industry entertainment like this every year becomes more and more developed, and engineers extremality continue to invent new roller coaster, capable to tickle nerves of fans of water rides.


For example, my first ever water Park was in Prague: despite the fact that in the Czech Republic in the summer is not always hot, the designers have thought of everything, and guests had the opportunity to move freely between the open and closed parts of the building. Including — and during descent, when the loop slides unexpectedly described an arc under the open sky, and then again carried off the screaming conqueror of attraction somewhere in the darkness of the tunnel. But if the outside was overcast, it was possible to stay inside the Park, relaxing on the sun loungers under a glass dome.

But back to Hua hin and the surrounding area. Given that I come here mostly family and elderly tourists, such an abundance of places, stimulating the production of adrenaline, surprised. Turned out to be that in all three water parks are really crowded, and a good half of all visitors are local residents. On the other hand, to the capital of Thailand — only a few casavetti, so those travellers who Hua hin as a town is not too interesting, you can plan a visit here in one day (and in all three parks there are hotels where you can while away the night). Anyway, to stand in long queues in front of the slopes in a water Park some cities, you are unlikely to have.

Vana Nava Hua Hin

The most expensive and “fashionable”, the water Park Hua hin, which proudly calls itself “Asia’s First water jungle”. Only for the input will have to pay 1000 baht, if you are an adult, 600 — if you are over 60 years of age and another 600 for each child.However, some attractions (artificial wave for surfing and hill climbing, for example) are paid separately. And yet — that is just too unpleasant, it is necessary to separately pay for a storage locker in the locker room (150 baht), and it is — no Deposit.

However, local marketers all the time offer any discounts: for example, in February at Vana Nava, the rule “3 tickets for the price of 2”, and before the end of March when you visit the Park from 18 to 19 hours, the ticket price is reduced to 650/300 baht for adults and children, respectively.

Hill Boomerango at Vana Nava

What’s inside? Really impressive — the largest slide in Thailand with a proud name “the Deep” (“Abyss”). With her moving out the buns for up to 6 people, at the end of the descent — a huge crater with a height of 28 metres. where you can reach speeds up to 45 km/h. Here, side by side — “Boomerango”, the longest slide in Thailand with a length of 179 meters, ending in a sharp steep descent followed by a steep climb — bun here jumps up the cliff wall on 20 meters.

For children there is a “rain fortress” and suspended the attraction that you want to run around in safety gear, dodging bursts of water guns, put other fun visitors. For extreme sports fans, there are two cool “solo” slides: one of them involves an almost vertical descent that can reach speeds up to 50 km/hour and the other starts with a capsule with a transparent floor, which after the terrible countdown falls directly below you. and your body makes a loop inside the pipe.

All other slides were not terrible, but made ingenious: for example, one of them equipped with special mechanisms that increase the speed on turns, and the other ends in huge bowl in which you washed like. well, you understand.

Like to get to Vana Nava on brand free Shuttle bus — though we never found the benefit of the water Park itself is located near the city center (you can come here by public transport or by taxi). Shuttle-bus Back runs on a schedule, and he delivers all the guests along the main street of Hua hin to the outskirts of the city.

Santorini Water Fantasy

Technically, this water Park is located in Cha Am, but don’t forget that from Hua hin to come here less than half an hour. Shuttle-busses is not provided here, so the issue of transfer will have to decide for yourself.

Waterpark Santorini is located in the neighborhood with the same amusement Park, but tickets need to buy each separately. The cost of entry to the water Park for an adult is 900 baht, for children and disabled persons — 500 baht, people older than 50 years offer discounts.

Water Park “Black Mountain”

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