Ferrari will open in Europe amusement Park. The brand should attract up to 500 thousand people a year

Ferrari will open its first amusement Park in Europe. Manufacturer of luxury cars expects that motorists in the racing simulator “Formula 1” will bring considerable profit to his business.

Ferrari Land, which is due to open in 2016, is being built under license near Barcelona in the resort of PortAventura, owned by private equity firms Investindustrial and KKR. “The Ferrari brand is unique and this will make the Park a unique place — said a senior partner in the Italian Investindustrial Andrea Bonomi. The Ferrari is very attractive… Motorsport is supported by all sectors of society, young people and adults, all-everything.”

According to Investindustrial, which also owns about 40% of Aston Martin, the Park will be built in Spain and not in his native Italy for Ferrari, as the company-owned resort PortAventura is experiencing problems with the number of visitors, whose number tends to increase (despite the fact that other theme parks in Spain have problems with growth on the background of high unemployment).

Last year Ferrari launched a three-year program to reduce the production of cars to focus on the exclusivity of its products while increasing profit margins.

Division branding and licensingfreesoftware controlling products such as clothes, bags and perfumes Ferrari, as well as amusement parks, last year brought in € 54 million and operating profit was allocated a separate company.

Already have the Ferrari branded amusement Park in Abu Dhabi. Also, according to informed sources, the company is studying the possibility of building a third attraction in Asia. Managing Director of branding Ferrari Andrea Perrone says the company received “multiple requests” at amusement parks Ferrari.

“We will continue to consider the possibility of launching such facilities outside of Europe and continue to maximize the value of our prestigious brand without diluting it,” said Perrone.

Ferrari Land in Barcelona will cost more than € 100 million will be placed the fastest in Europe vertical roller coasters, driving simulator, and the hotel’s 250 rooms. Investindustrial has bought a stake in PortAventura in 2009

Since then, the company has invested more than € 125 million in the Park, occupying the third place in Europe by number of visitors — about 4 million a year. Bonomi expects that Ferrari Land will attract even 500 thousand people per year.

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