In Belpasso (ital. Belpasso) in the region of Sicily in southern Italy, opened a huge amusement Park Etnaland Themapark. Local entrepreneur Francesco Russello without state participation have developed a unique project, commissioned and funded the establishment of the amusement Park Etnaland, which cost him approximately fifty million euros. According to the businessman, the Etnaland Themapark is a great tale that has all of the amusement characteristics: size, quality, and beauty does not yield the best parks in Italy and Europe.

Of course, Sicily can not compete with the famous port Aventura or Terra Mitica in Spain, but to attract those who are on holiday with children in Italy may. Sicily is not unlike the amazing world of desert steppes and orange groves, a world of peace Greek temples, the world of the Arab conquerors, and the Greek philosophers, the world of the azure sea and the playing of the volcano. But, the most fascinating place for tourists with children is Park Etnaland Themapark.

Among all the rides in the Park Etnaland Themapark it is possible to allocate a roller coaster Eldorado and The Storm that will allow you to enjoy the “pleasant” shock and speed at a height of thirty meters, the ride Etnaland Tower – safe fall from 60 m.

The design of the Park was doing Arte Insitu from Spain. La Repubblica informs that in the project Park Etnaland Themapark is divided into five areas: inclusive or space mines.

Here also is located the main attractions of the Aqua Park: Laser show, Dragon River, Jungle Splash, Crocodile rapids, a Laser show, etc. as well As attracting a variety of slides: the Kamikaze, River Rafting, Blue Lagoon, Crocodile rapids, and others.

Inside the many cafes and restaurants, a Laser Show, cable car Cinema 4 d and Everything you need to host a fantastic day.

Italy for kids is the variety of theme parks and entertainment.

Its unpredictability also attract the following amusement parks in Italy:

Theme Park Gardaland, Castelnuovo del Garda – hundreds of roller coasters and other amusement rides;

The amusement Park Mirabilandia, Savio – a huge amusement Park – 36 roller coasters, the second largest European wheel review – 90 meters;

Park Caneva Word in Lazise theme Park with the magical world of cinema;

Zoo La Torbiera, Agrate, Conturbia over 300 species of different animals;

Park Virtual reality Park Virtual reality and Multimedia in Turin;

Children’s Amusement Park, Alta Badia is a winter form of recreation, a variety of attractions in the snow;

Water Park Aquasplash, Lignano – a great Aqua-Park, water slides and lots of fun;

Aquarium of Genoa the largest aquarium of Europe;

Park “Italy in miniature”, Rimini – the famous Park with many attractions;

The Pinocchio Park, Pistoia – the fabulous characters of the famous prototype of Pinocchio;

The puppet-show “Pulcinella”, Rome – free puppet performances on the hill of Gianicolo;

Park Water Paradise, Also – the largest water theme Park;

Water Park Etnaland, Belpasso, a huge dinosaur Park and water rides.

In spite of the crisis of Italian entrepreneur Francesco Russello proved that all dreams are possible, especially for children.

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