Entertainment in Almaty: for children and adults

Recreation — important part of our lives. With or without kids, with friends or alone, where to go and what to do in the southern capital of Kazakhstan.

Entertainment in Almaty is a modern theme parks, water parks, night clubs, bowling halls, able to meet the cultural needs of representatives of different age groups: children and older generation.

Where to go in Almaty? The most visited places of the southern Capital of Kazakhstan — mountain skating rink “Medeu”. zoo. circus. tower “Kok-Tobe”. Park them. Gorky. The Central state Museum. the Oceanarium and Dolphinarium. Hikers can enjoy the architecture of the Central or old part of the city, walk along Almaty Arbat, listen to street performers.

Proponents of an action-Packed evening of entertainment — a nightclub. a karaoke bar or pub .

Having fun – relax!

If you come to Kazakhstan family, and you are interested in activities for children, Almaty offers dozens of places for cultural family time. Very popular theme and water parks, among which leader of Hawaii. Amusement Park and water rides with crystal clear water and a 20 meter extremelyimportant open year-round. Love to jump on the waves? Hawaii is equipped with a generator 12 types of waves! In the local café which serves Hawaiian cuisine, SPA treatments, entertainment staff.

The amusement Park Happylon Magic Park in the city center — entertainment not only for children but also for adults. Convenient location (in the shopping center MEGA Alma-Ata) and a great selection of attractions (laser shooting range, roller skating rink, 4D cinema with a spherical screen, carousels, mazes, slides), a popular Park year-round thousands of tourists. The cost of visiting the water parks of Almaty, from $10 and depending on the time of stay.


Fans of rest on the ice, can visit the Mega Ice rink, which operates a school of figure skating. Summer Almaty residents have a rest in the children’s Park “Bluetec”, located in the exhibition center “Atakent” (it hosts art workshops, rides).

If you are interested in more “live” entertainment, Almaty invites to your zoo as the best place for the whole family.

Almaty zoo. located in a picturesque area at the foot of the Kok-Tobe, is the oldest and largest in Kazakhstan. It is home to over 500 species of animals, of which more than 70 are listed in the Red book. Lions, Panthers, leopards, elephants, tigers, ostriches — a wildlife corner in Almaty is available daily. Want to take custody of any animal (with the corresponding certificate, a name plate in the enclosure and free entrance to the zoo)? With 2014 here is the program, “My sweet and tender beast”. To become a guardian (e.g., crocodile) is available for $1080, whereas the entrance to the zoo is $2.

In zero gravity

Entertainment for adults and children in Almaty is also extreme and unusual activities. Want to feel the effect of free fall? Then you are in the EasyFly — it is a special wind tunnel, located in the heart of the International complex ski jumps, in front of Esentai Mall, on the street al-Farabi. The cost of a couple of minutes of weightlessness to $22. The attraction is very popular among young people.

Being in Almaty, will visit the circus, as well as the oldest Eurasian Tusi name Sats and Musrepov. For fans of alleys in the southern Capital of Kazakhstan, there are dozens of modern bowling, in which schools are bowling for kids. If you are interested in active children, teenage entertainment in Almaty — guide family activities in the “Bastau”. Cosmo. complex “AK-Bulak”. Modern entertainment infrastructure offers dozens of opportunities not just to relax and spend time with benefits, physical and aesthetic development.

Children and their parents

Very popular among Almaty residents and guests of the city the family cafe, which conducts training, art workshops for both students and the youngest guests (from one year). This children’s city with a computer lab, slides, cinema, workshops, culinary Academy, etc. can be called the cafe “Anderson”, located on the street Auezov. Entertainment in Almaty varied, but this place with the author’s design and a rich educational program for children is kind of a family club where you can relax both children and their parents.

To find rest for herself and her child in Almaty. Contemporary socio-cultural sphere of Kazakhstan is focused on relaxation and family values — here everyone will find entertainment for themselves.

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