Disneyland — for children and adults

“To all who come to this happy place — welcome!” Which translated into Russian language means: “to All who come to this happy place: Welcome!” Such dedications meet their visitors all the Disneyland, except the Park in Orlando. And today we learn about the wonders of these parks a little bit more.

Do you remember how it all began…

Any business is impossible without ideas. That ideas move the world, they change it. Once, somewhere between 1930 and 1940, the head of Walt Disney had this brilliant idea – but not whether to do for kids amusement Park? With fun and exciting attractions to all it was fun. The fact that all theme parks visited Disney with his daughters, is clearly inferior to all his fantasies. I wanted to create something where’d to life all the magical characters charming world of Disney. By the way, first, to place the Park was planned close to home great Director. But after much deliberation, it was decided to purchase the territory b160 acres 65 ha, which is located next to Anaheim. This event occurred in 1953. After a couple of years, the amusement Park was brought to the audience.

This Disneyland works to this day, and very successfully. In total it was visited by as many people solicone been in any Park in the world!

Welcome to Disneyland.

The Magic Of Disneyland.

The extraordinary popularity of Disneyland world is simple. First, a fresh and original idea. Second, the technical basis for each attraction allows you to make sure that the visitor really feels that floats through the jungle, sitting in a submarine on the ocean floor, sees a Ghost and more.

That is why Parents rush, adults and children from around the world. By the way, Walt Disney himself said about parents that “Disneyland is your country.” He explained that in this place you can “revive the memory of past” and the young people here will feel the taste of adventure.

How in the world the Disneyland?

Only the world’s five theme parks Disney. One of them, the first is located in Anaheim (CA). We talked about it above.

There’s a Disneyland in Orlando (FL). It is the largest and most visited Park. It is built of four theme Park.

Disneyland in Orlando

There is also an amusement Park in Tokyo. This is the first Disneyland built outside of America.

Disneyland in Tokyo

In Europe to visit the miracle of Disney in Paris. It was built in 1992.

Disneyland Paris

The youngest and “little” Disneyland is in Hong Kong. It was opened in 2005.

Disneyland in Hong Kong

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