Disneyland is considered one of the most popular theme parks in the whole world, which is annually visited by a huge number of tourists. In Europe the tourists have the opportunity to visit the attraction Park Disneyland Paris (Disneyland Paris ). It represents a complex of amusement parks, the area of which is about two thousand hectares. Every year to vacation with children here attracts about 12 million tourists. This is a famous amusement Park, just 32 kilometers from Paris, so getting to him won’t be a problem.

Theme parks in Disneyland

The Park consists of two large parts – Disneyland Park, which was opened in 1992 and Walt Disney Studios Park, which opened in 2002. As for the Disneyland Park consists of five theme parks. In a Country adventure (Adventureland) is the most popular attractions are the house of Robinson Crusoe on the branches of a tall tree and Indiana Jones. In the Border country (Frontierland) children often visit the house of ghosts, ride boats, walk the zoo, and down from the roller coaster.

Park Main road USA (Main Street USA) will take you to the American town of the late XIX-early XX century. In this Park there is a station with steam trains,which must visit all children of the second world war Erma rides at Disneyland. By the way, this Park is very similar to the town where he was born and raised Walt Disney. Not Manisha popular among the Park’s visitors is Country discoveries (Discoveryland). In this Park you have the unique opportunity to see all the discoveries that have been described on the pages of the books of Jules Verne. The most fabulous rides are in fantasy land (Fantasyland). There is amusement created based on your favorite fairy tales children fairy tales like snow White and the seven dwarfs, the little Mermaid, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland.

Walt Disney Studios Park

In 2002, it opened another Park, which instantly became popular. Namely, this Park was Walt Disney Studios Park. It was created specifically for those who would like to know, how was it made all your favorite and famous film Studio. You will have the opportunity to look behind the scenes and see some very interesting. For example, in the popular show Moteurs… Action! You will be able to watch the work of the stuntmen. In turn, the Cinémagique show you can see excerpts from love stories. To learn more about creating special effects by looking show Studio Tram Tour.

In Walt Disney Studios Park has a few favorite rides. For example, roller-coaster Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster is dedicated to the famous rock group Aerosmith. Take a ride on the roller coaster you will be able under the most famous hits of the group. There in the Park and several rides created on motives of known cartoon in the Studio – “Cars” and “finding Nemo”. A visit to Disneyland in Paris will surely remember you and your family for life.

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