Bringing the kids the Park “Asterix”?

The French state has produced many outstanding personalities, and some of the most famous – Asterix and Obelix. It is in their honor by the French and built a big Park. In order to touch the culture of the great Gauls and learn more about their life, we recommend that you and your child to visit the Park Asterix.

Unlike Disneyland there are no huge queues and an incredible number of people. Parc Asterix is designed for relaxed and family holidays. The Park is divided into five parts and each of them dedicated to a specific period or country. Which was related by our heroes. The first part – the village of the Gauls. The main highlight of this place is the perfect themed cuisine and exciting entertainment by the type of ancient boat and small slides. On the territory of the Gallic village is also a cinema and small souvenir shops.

The Roman Empire, the “youngest” part of the Park, which was opened quite recently – in 2008. You can witness the greetings of Gaius Julius Caesar. And then to plunge into the stunning world of the great Empire in 3D. And the next “final destination” – Ancient Greece – is the complete opposite of the first part of the Park. There is a real Paradise for fans of extreme sports and incredible speed. As for food, here you have to vozmozhnostyami feta, olives and hot sandwiches. And after lunch, take in the “Theatre of Poseidon”, where you can enjoy the performance of sea creatures.

When you get to the part about Vikings, do you have the impression that you were in a real fairy tale. Here you have the opportunity to go the heavenly journey, and feel like a passenger Flying Dutchman. By the way, here is the most extreme “loop” in Europe.

And the last part of the Park devoted to a country about which we can talk forever – medieval France. Here you will be able once more to enjoy the calmness and intelligence of this country. Fountains, benches for relaxing and a cute carousel, where you can relax after a difficult but interesting journey. Large ancient fortress, and its walls can be seen the middle ages in France, in all its glory. Blacksmiths and a real cave of a dragon, monsters and ghosts – all of these adventures waiting just for you!

By the way, in order. To get there, you do not need to book a tour. This can be done independently, moving subway and then by bus, which will indicate on the license plate “Quai A3 / Parc Asterix”. We recommend that you and your child to this Park, it will help you not only to plunge into the atmosphere of the time, but have fun!

The celebration itself starts in a small town bozho. There at midnight, there is a procession of winemakers. They lit torches from vines and solemnly headed to the main square. There they were expected to barrels of young wine. Then.

All known joke holiday, like Halloween. When children dress up in various costumes, going door to door and ask for sweets. However, previously, it was not a children’s joke. The history of the pagan holiday has been a lot.

France is an amazing country. A rich history has left her numerous cultural, architectural and historical landmarks. In addition, in France, a great natural potential. It often replaced the picturesque scenery.

The history of this alcoholic drink has a lot of years. Unlike other drinks, brandy was not invented at once. He has come a long way of the formation of taste and aroma. And then he became one of the most delicious drinks.

In any Kingdom, in any Principality, no matter what size it may be, must be her Palace. And tiny Monaco is no exception. The princely Palace in Monaco is the official residence of the ruling family.

Travellers who visit France, you should know some details of local life. We are talking about the laws and rules of conduct in public places. Because the police in France are running smoothly and if I may say, ruthlessly.

Sailing in France is a popular destination for leisure tourists. First and foremost, we are talking about azure coast of France, which is washed by the crystal clear, warm waters of the Mediterranean sea. This year fly the cream of the crop below.

The French are truly gourmet. They love not just to eat and enjoy the food. Perhaps it is because the majority of holidays of France are of a gastronomic nature. And one of them is the feast of chestnuts.

If you are going to France, the first thing you will encounter in this country, is not the Eiffel tower or the welcoming local people and customs. And to make this an integral part of the trip became a real problem, we.

The Cote d’azur for years associated with place of luxury, with a certain way of life. That is available only to the rich, wealthy people on the planet. This resort destination is popular among all the cream of society. Here annually.

So, you are ready to travel to France. Tickets are bought, hotel is booked, route is composed of and even found a great guide. Now it remains for small. Just tune into a luxurious holiday and to pack, of course.

The touring came to France! Now the active and cognitive rest can kill two birds with one stone. This tour will appeal to both adults and children. After all the impressions from this trip will last a lifetime. This rest.

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