Theme Park, a length of about 60 hectares, divided into five zones, each associated with characters of literature, continuing its existence in the cartoons of Walt Disney. The Park, with unusual structures and unprecedented miracles of technology in its design dates back to world exhibitions of the nineteenth century.

Main Street, USA

This quarter recalls the atmosphere of an American town of the early XX century. On the streets everywhere you can meet the horse-trams, a police prison van and other vehicles of the time. Path of all routes is between town square and Central square, which is also called the heart of Disneyland. From this place the road forked to other parts of the Park. The facades of the houses are made in authentic Victorian style. Hidden inside houses a very interesting shops, one of which, “Emporium”, will delight you with original gifts. In that time, while your loved ones are eating at Casey or enjoy the flavor in the “Cookie kitchen” or “cable Kar Beyk Sean”, that produce cakes and biscuits, you can trim a haircut at a Barber. In the evening time on Main Street, you can see thousands of lanterns lit the street and the town Square later time the electric parade with the participation of professional musicians and actors. I advise you to watch this extravaganza from beginning to end!


Once here, you immediately realize that sozdatelyami area of the Park inspired the development of the Wild West in the nineteenth century. Once here through the timbered gates of Fort Comstock, at the spring Big Thunder mountain you will see a roller coaster. Here trolley scooting along the stones and animals ‘ bones canyon. Around the mountain the river flows, on which you can walk on the boat “mark TWAIN” and “Molly brown” musical accompaniment and the contemplation of the American landscape.

There is the most frightening attraction, the haunted House. Don’t forget to check witty tombstone inscriptions. Kids will appreciate the village of Pocahontas and ranch Critter corral, and the theater Chapparal Stage will entertain the audience with performances in the style of country and Western.


This area of the Park is designed primarily for fans of legends about pirates. Risky ride “Indiana Jones and the Temple of danger,” an abandoned mine, will not leave indifferent even the most daring child. This route is composed by the famous Steven Spielberg film and includes flaming torches, steep slopes, dead loop. Another, no less interesting attraction, “pirates of the Caribbean”, includes a boat trip past the underground prisons. Near by attraction is the fish restaurant “Blue lagoon” and a store where you can find everything you need for the life of the pirate. Guys very young children will enjoy the Playground “Beach pirates”.


In this area of the Park come true, even fairy tales. For example, Sleeping beauty’s Castle reproduced exactly as in the cartoon. In the dungeon of this building lives a huge dragon, breathing with heat. He scares kids and delights older guys. But the kids love the flying elephant Dumbo, they are just lining up to pet him. The mad Hatter tea party also enjoys wide popularity. One attraction dedicated to Peter pan – thanks to the wonders of technology, children can fly like their favorite hero on the streets of London. Not bad and the Labyrinth of Alice, which leads to the castle Ladies hearts. Walt Disney came up with a wonderful attraction, “Small world” where every hour is a parade of windup toys. Among boat of entertainment here is the “Country of fairy tales”, in which you will be able to sail through scenes from famous disney cartoons. All trips are accompanied by pleasant melodies.


Space mountain from the works of Jules Verne “Flight to the moon” stands on this area of the Park. This attraction is extremely popular throughout the day. Played also Board the submarine from “Twenty thousand leagues under the sea”, opening the secrets of the Nautilus. The love of boys is “Autotopia” here, you can enjoy fantastic racing. “Flight to the stars”, one of the most amazing fun Park, has a spaceship that can travel based on the movie “Star wars.” For fans of colourful shows and cartoons in the Park there is a “Videopolis”. And finally, crowning the unique art of Walt Disney is the attraction “Honey, I shrunk the audience”.

All routes of Disneyland in some way connected with movie. So, using Backlot tour, guests enter straight into the current Studio. Here they can see off the storm, the battle, can observe the work of costume designers. There are animated tour, it’s a chance to compete with the best artists of Disneyland. Finally, guests of the Studio expects a stunt show.

Studio Walt Disney

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