Amusement parks of Germany

In March in Germany the new season of the amusement parks. Parks this season offers a new theme, thrilling rides, breathtaking views and a sense of celebration.

The largest German amusement Park – Europa-Park in rust opens a new season on 28 March. In the Park Filmpark in Potsdam at the Studio Babelsberg from April 1 to dive into the world of cinema, to visit the set, in costume, to get acquainted with the work of the crew, Directors and actors.

The Autostadt Wolfsburg Autostadt in the capital of the automotive industry in Germany Wolfsburg – only as a city can not be called. The Autostadt is not only a place to advertise the wonders of the auto industry and the cultural magnet of the region; the venue of concerts, festivals and exhibitions. And automotive Museum “Zeithaus” it keeps the brand’s most popular car Museum in the world.

Hanover zoo “Zoo of the future” in Hannover is one of the most unusual European zoos. 3000 zoo animals live in the seven thematic areas that have their own special design. Each zone has its own mini-arena where several times a day there are shows featuring animals. Feeding Pets of the zoo turns into a real spectacle. Another feature of the Park is the river which you can ride on the boat. At the zoo produced the original ice cream,and the kids participating in quizzes and competitions can feel the real Rangers, gold miners and pioneers.

Zoo Hagenbeck, Hamburg In the Hamburg Hagenbeck zoo, the animals live in spacious, not fenced with grids cages, Hagenbeck and guests can get acquainted with the fauna of any continent on our planet. So for example the complex polar seas teeming animals of the Northern regions and Antarctica. The penguins are playing near the polar seals and polar bears.

The amusement Park HANSA-PARK, Sierksdorf under the lübeck HANSA-PARK in Sierksdorf is the only family theme Park in Germany, located directly on the coast. 11 themed areas of the amusement Park dedicated to the history and development of the Hanseatic merchant Union. In the Park is 125 thrilling rides, the main element of the “Hansa-Park” is of course water. The names of the attractions associated with sea monsters and predators, models of merchant frigates and brigantines used in the design of thematic areas.

The amusement Park “Heide-Park” Soltau “Heide Park” in Soltau, lower Saxony – the largest amusement Park in Northern Germany. 850.000 sq. m. endless attractions, themed areas, playgrounds and downhill. You can leisurely ride on the Ferris wheel, or spinning a dizzy loop on a roller coaster. Time here flies, and experiences for the whole family and will last a long time!

The zoo in Rostock, the largest zoo on the Baltic coast of Germany is home to four and a half thousand animals of 320 species that inhabit our planet. Informative exposition of the natural science center “Darwinian” for example, animals more than 50 species clearly shows the evolutionary development of life, from the origins of the universe to the present day. Special love guests enjoyed the Zoological garden and the pavilion of apes – possession considered savvy orangutans and gorillas.

International bird Park Walsrode Bird Park “Walsrode” is the largest bird Park in the world by floor space. In the Park there are about 4500 birds, belonging to 675 species from all continents of the earth; in addition, in the spring it grows to about three million pieces of ornamental flowering plants. Thus, “Walsrode” is both bird Park and the Botanical garden. In the Park there are many external and internal enclosures are also located in several buildings of open type, in which in vivo contains birds.

Center botanica in Bremen the rhododendron Park science adventure centre botanica in Bremen’s rhododendron Park invites you on a fascinating journey through Asia, from the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the sultry Islands of Indonesia. The visitors center has a unique opportunity to get acquainted with exotic flora and fauna of the homeland of rhododendrons.

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