Amusement parks in Holland

The inhabitants of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, I love to have fun. There are many theme parks where you can spend the whole day with all my family and get great pleasure from the amusement rides, carousels, communicate with each other and the smaller brothers. The most popular amusement parks in the Netherlands are well known and Russian tourists:

Duinrell. The Park is one of the largest in the Kingdom. At least a million visitors annually plays tennis, and flies into the abyss roller coasters, jumping on trampolines and diving into the waterfalls on the toboggan run, applauding the actors of the puppet theater and learn to control the trains. One of the most popular amusement parks in the Netherlands runs from 10 to 18 hours, and the entry of children under 4 years do not have to pay.

Mini-Holland near the Hague – this is an amusement Park Madurodam. Its territory has collected a small copy of the most famous landmarks of the Kingdom – architectural and natural. In the Park you can get acquainted with typical Dutch landscapes, walk through the manicured parks and gardens and marvel at the built in scale 1:25 palaces and cathedrals. The Park always opens at 10 o’clock, but the time of closure depends on the time of year. Children under 3 years old can have fun here for free.

Efteling. The country of the fairies and the house of the Vampires, the City of fairy Tales and Pentagram – in this parkersprices in the Netherlands will be equally interesting to both kids and their parents. Theme rides and performances at the little theater, daily parades and competitions will make your holiday varied and exciting. The object opens 1 April and runs until 1 November daily from 10 am.

Keukenhof is waiting for its first guests in late March. For two months in this amusement Park in the Netherlands, you can enjoy millions of flowering plants. Roses and orchids, lilies and tulips make the Park similar to magic carpet woven by the nature itself. The third Saturday of April is a traditional time of the flower parade, which takes place across the country. Participants in colourful processions held in the Park, which is now becoming the most popular place in the whole Kingdom.

For smaller brothers

For lovers of communicating with the animals in the Kingdom of the Netherlands opened Artis ZOO. This Artis zoo exists since 1838 and is one of the oldest in Europe. More than six thousand animals in habitats as close to natural, the amazing adventures at the children’s farm, the planetarium and the fascinating history of the emergence of the Amsterdam canals – program visit to the zoo seem interesting to all members of the family tour in Holland.

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