Amusement parks in Germany

Amusement parks in Germany: Europa Park, Heide, LEGO and other theme parks.

In the tourism business a huge role amusement parks. Every year, they generate billions of dollars for their owners. In addition to amusement, these facilities also include shops, restaurants, hotels and travel agencies.

Amusement parks in Germany can be found in almost every city. Annually they are visited by about 20 million tourists from around the globe. At either end of the country there is a great place not only for You but also for Your child.

The most famous children’s parks of Germany: – “Legoland”, “Movie Park” – “dinosaur Park” – “Europa Park”.

However, this list is far from complete. In each of them you can not just go on the amazing rides, but also to stay for the night in a stylized hotels located within the Park. In the evening there is also continued all the rough fun with gay heroes of your favorite fairy tales and cartoons.

“Europa-Park” in Germany is considered the biggest and most popular entertainment venue. On the territory of more than 60 hectares can be visited more than 100 different attractions. They are divided into conditional basis in 15 countries: “Russia”, “England”, “Germany”, “Italy”, “France” and others. Especially for young visitors developed “Country adventures”and “World of children”.

In the Russian zone, you can stroll through the Russian countryside, or to see a simulated space station. In the English section there is an exact replica of the famous globe theatre where the play will be performed daily.

Ticket price: – for one day costs approximately. 33 –. 37,5, – for 2 days from. 61,5 up. 70, – for 3 days. 78 –. 89,5. To your birthday children receive a free ticket.

You can stay in three hotels, located right in the Park. One of them built in the style of a Spanish castle from the middle Ages, the second resembles a wall of the Colosseum, and the third is in the Mediterranean style. The room rate is within. 51 –. 402.

“Europa-Park” in Germany – a Paradise for tourists.

For thrill-seekers is very attractive “Heide-Park”. Here you can ride on the most dangerous and incredible roller coaster. For example, to jump from the 71-metre tower Scream, feeling like a bird or a stone. You can also buy a ticket for the greatest wooden roller coaster or go on a pirate show. In addition, special attention need be paid to the Dolphinarium.

“Hansa Park” (Lubeck)

Go on a journey on the territory of “Hansa Park”. You can also visit the stunning water slides, views of sea lions, circus on the water and presentation of acrobats. Young viewers will delight and children’s theatre with live music. This Park on the seafront is quite possible to go from Russia on a short trip in the weekends or holidays by ferry St. Petersburg- lübeck .

The cost of a ticket to this Park will cost about V. 24 –. 31.

Going to a “holiday Park” be sure to ride the thrilling Expedition GeForce. Trailers these roller coaster race is almost in free fall, picking up speed to 120 km/h. Also offers extraordinary water ride, where you ride in a barrel, and a huge tower of free fall. In the wonderful landscape of the Park perfectly connected not only to the various slides and a relaxation area but also an area for toddlers.

The “Serengeti-Park” (Bremen – Hannover)

In order to go on Safari, do not have to get to Africa. Just enough to visit the “Serengeti-Park”. Trip you can take your car or use buses. The Park is home to rhinos, zebras, antelopes, giraffes, Buffalo, elephants, lions and monkeys.

In addition, you can relax by going to the “world of water”: to ride on water bike, “wild cat”, threat roundabout or down a mountain river.

Once in the Park “Legoland” even adults turn into little children. It is located about 40 rides focused on kids age 2 – 13 years. You can also visit the building centre and even to program the robot. For tourists also presents LEGO factory, design Studio, interactive games, hunt for dragons, jousting tournaments, adventures, shows and performances.

Depending on the age of visitors, the cost of tickets varies from. 16.5 to. 38.

“Movie Park” is considered one of the best kinopark. Here you can imagine yourself a participant of favorite films, released by Warner Brothers to become a researcher “Bermuda triangle” or try the role of a brave rescuer of the city. Thanks to this interesting idea, visitors can spend the whole day in a movie while being not spectators, but actors.

The ticket price for visiting the “Movie Park” is. 28 –. 34.

Amusement parks in Germany is unforgettable and simply amazing cheerfulness and energy.

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