Amusement Park Phantasialand

Fantasy land (Phantasialand) is the globe, located on 28 hectares. Despite the relatively small area, he has more than 40 years, welcomes, entertains and indulges its guests of all ages. Breathtaking attractions and exciting entertainment are provided not children, nor adults.

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Tours opportunity to visit Fantasy land

Amusement Park Fantasy land (Phantasialand)

Amusement Park Fantasy land (Phantasialand) is located in bühl, near Cologne, in Western Germany. Here you have the opportunity to travel around the world, back in a time machine to the past. Children will enjoy touching the history and culture of Europe, Asia, and Central America.

Parcelite 6 themed areas: – “Old Berlin” Brandenburg gate, the Berlin actor’s house, steam carousel and other children’s rides, street performances, cafes and restaurants – “Mexico” with roller-coasters and water slopes, cacti, palm trees and underground mines, buildings of the ancient Aztecs, street muzykantami delicious corn tortillas; – “Chinatown” with a trip on the train to the Palace of the Emperor. The city is created from parts imported from China. -“Wild West” attracts adults and adolescents with gambling and fights in the saloon – “Far away in Africa” with the largest slide in the Park “the Black Mamba” – the “Mystery” a mysterious Palace and rafting on the river in a boat from the “wings of the dragon” – “Fantasy” with “air” amusement rides and Playground equipment in the form of an octopus

Most of the rides located in the indoor pavilions. For example, the “leaning” tower (Mystery Castle) height of 65 meters high, located in a beautiful castle. Celebrity of the Park is the Black Mamba – the fastest and longest roller coaster in the whole Park, making their raids on the territory of Africa. Prefer a more relaxed entertainment suitable boating to a waltz. And here you can see the bike show, African dance show of optical illusions, and more.

Fantasy land all year. In winter, the Park offers ice skating, Snowmobiling, riding, opened the house of Santa Claus and work almost all the rides(except water).

Park will give a good mood for You and Your children!

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