Amusement Park Fantasy land in Cologne

Fantasy land (Phantasialand) is the second most visited amusement Park in Germany, made in the style of fairy tales and fantasy. If you decide to visit the parks of Cologne that Fantasy land should be on Your list.

Phantasialand provides lots of family entertainment for all ages nearly year round. In his various subject areas, you can experience extreme roller coaster, enjoy the amazing Chinese architecture, listen to traditional African or Mexican folk music and take a tour of the German capital from the comfort of the amusement Park Fantasy land.

Working Time

Fantasy land opens approximately April 1 to November 1, usually from 9 am to 6 PM. There are some limited opening time during the winter season. Opening hours of the amusement Park during this period from 11 am to 6 PM.

The main rides and attractions:

Phantasialand contains roller coasters, attractions, architecture, water rides, extreme rides, boat rides, restaurants and cafeterias.

How to get to the amusement Park Fantasy land.

To the amusement Park Fantasy land is easily accessible from düsseldorf (65 km / 40 miles), Bonn (31 km / 19 miles), and Cologne (23 km / 14 miles). On these routes runs many modes of transport to suit every taste, so get to the Park not sostaviteli.

On the plane

You can fly into düsseldorf international airport, which is located at a distance of about 65 km (40 miles) from the city of brühl and Fantasy land or in the Cologne / Bonn airport, which is a bit closer, only 31 km (19 miles), and then continue the journey by bus or rent a car.

By car

From Cologne should go on the road A553, then change it to B51 (Konrad-Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer). With B51, proceed through exit 2 (brühl-Süd), which will lead you to the road L194 and Phantasialandstraße.

From Bonn the journey in a similar way. On the highway A555, exit 4 (Bruhl) he will bring You on the road L150 (Kerkrader str). L150, takes You to the A553, and then turn at the exit 2 (brühl-South) and follow to the Park L194 Fantasy land.

From Dusseldorf – highway A1 will take You to the A553, then through the exit 2 (brühl-South) and follow L194.

In any case on the road will be a lot of pointers.

By public transport

From the train station of brühl, you can take the bus (route 705) to the Park Phantasialand.

Fantasy land, main attractions


Experience the American Wild West in the heart of Germany! It’s a roller coaster, it’s an old mining train that climbs the mountain, hurtling along the tunnel and makes sharp turns at high speeds. Feel the excitement of the gold rush as the adrenaline is flowing through you.


In Mexico are preparing for disoriented in Talocan. Recognized as the best (not moving) attraction in 2008-2009, which will lift You up, hung upside down and forced to rotate with the head, sprinkling water, fire and fog.

Black Mamba

It’s an inverted roller coaster (the trailers are under the tracks). Corkscrews and turns, numerous tunnels and chasms will make Your heart pounding with excitement. The most exciting part of the attraction when You feel as though you will bump into a wall, but the truck suddenly turns and prevent a catastrophe.

Other attractions of the amusement Park

In the Park Phantasialand are shown an array of attractions: Seven Lands of the Old Berlin, the Country Fantasy, Mexico, China town, secret and wild Africa.

Old Berlin is a great opportunity to visit the capital of Germany without leaving the Park. You’ll find reproductions of many of the main attractions of the city such as the Brandenburg gate, Neptune’s fountain and a Winter Garden.

Country Fantasy contains a lot of what you might expect from magic Kingdom. Children will be able to enjoy the less dangerous features, for example rotating Cup of tea and a hitting machine. Adults can tickle your nerves on a roller coaster.

China town actually has the largest number of Chinese architecture outside the mainland. You can leisurely admire the pagodas and decorative walls. Or watch the epic tale of the journey to the Palace of Feng Zhu, while your seats move up and down.

Take a trip to another continent — Africa! Here you can see the traditional folk dances or to get an adrenaline rush on roller coaster Black Mamba.


All thematic areas have their own restaurants, so you can try local dishes at the restaurants Mandschu, Unter den Linden and Hacienda Don Pedro.

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