A trip to Disneyland

A trip to Disneyland – the shortest way to your childhood

My friend had a choice to go with a group to Versailles and to see the residence of the French kings or take an independent trip to Disneyland. To be honest, in real castles, palaces and fortresses we for many years have seen enough, but the real fairy-tale castle to see wanted!

Besides a trip to Disneyland is another dream of my childhood (already true!). If you’re with me around the same age, remember such a thing as “Disney Hour” on weekends. So in this program, before you start showing cartoons, every time showed Disneyland. How I then wanted to get there!

And here, once in Disneyland now, I let just one day, but returned again to childhood

We were lucky – the day was rainy. In this regard, there were many people, but not so much as is usually the case. Thanks to this circumstance, in queues had to stand no more than 20 minutes and we managed to ride almost all the rides of the main Park, and some even twice!

However, one day to Disneyland is not enough. Despite the fact that we arrived at 10am and left at 8pm, the time we didn’t have enough. Have of ever returning

On the vast territory of raspolozhennom amusement Park (Disneyland Park), is divided into four themed areas, the Park of the Studio “Disney” (Walt Disney Studious Park) and Disney village (Disney Village). Tickets can be purchased as a Park (it will cost you about 50 Euro) and every separately. Below is a brief information about the parks and thematic areas. But generally this week I plan to give you a real virtual tour of Disneyland.

Disneyland (Disneyland Park)

Country discoveries (Discoveryland) – fantasies about the future from past and present: a flight to the moon, space adventures, the submarine Nautilus and so much more interesting and informative!

Fantasy land (Fantasyland) – all the magic of classic disney cartoons: Sleeping beauty’s castle (this is what we can see in the Intro before every disney cartoon), flight of Peter pan, the labyrinth of Alice’s tea party with the mad Hatter, gingerbread village and the magical merry-go-round! Fantasy land is a wonderful place for the youngest children and those wishing to return to childhood for adults

Adventures (Adventureland) is a country of explorers and adventurers! Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dangers, pirates of the Caribbean, the island of adventure with a tree of Robinson and the rock’s skull!

New Lands (Frontierland) – a typical small American town of the early 20th century: legends of the Wild West, the village of Pocahontas, a haunted House and mount doom!

And on the territory of Disneyland is the main street with lots of cafes and shops. It stretches from the entrance to the Central square.

On this street every day at a certain time, a parade of disney cartoons. It turns out that the parade is very beautiful! Some already had tears welling up!

Every few hours in the Central square you can see a fun show featuring Mickey mouse and his friends

To move to the same to the Disneyland resort on foot, on old-fashioned cars or horse-drawn trams, you can use the railway. Each theme zone has its own railway station.

To navigate and to move about in search of amusement can be on the map, which can be easily found on special racks at the entrance (don’t forget to capture and program ideas), and they can look at the queues. However, in this case, there is a risk that the queue will not lead to attraction, and to Winnie the Pooh or Mickey mouse.

Park-Walt Disney studios (Walt Disney studios Park)

This Park area is smaller previous and cater to a more adult audience. How great, can not tell, because we simply did not have time. It turns out that in winter the Park closes at 6 PM.

It is, of course, wanted to visit the Tower of Terror from Twilight Zone, look at the stunts, take a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard. But we saw only the entrance.

In General, there is a reason to come back

Next time when you get to Disneyland, will it bypass it with this Park!

The disney village (Disney Village)

Working late. To get to the village, the ticket is not needed. In this part of Disneyland cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas and hotels for those wishing to explore all the parks along and across

In General, you see, Disneyland is just some fairy tale! A Paradise for a child! Perhaps there and don’t go for extreme sensations, but the positivity, kindness, delight, joy and fabulousness it felt everywhere.

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