10 coolest amusement parks in the world

Traveling around the world, each of us wants to take with them not only Souvenirs, but also an unforgettable experience! And where better than at an amusement Park to get them? Theme parks are in almost every country of the world, but today we will tell you about 10 the most cool and worthy to visit are definitely worth it.:)

Disneyland Park (France)

Disneyland is perhaps the most famous entertainment Park in the world and one of the largest and most beautiful! In the center of the Park is Sleeping beauty’s castle, and around it is located 5 theme parks for visitors of all ages: a land of adventure Adventureland (known for its hill name of Indiana Jones), Frontierland (the famous Ghost house), Discoveryland (Space Mountain is famous for the slides – here you should not go to people not confident in my fortitude.:)), Walt Disney Studios Park (you can get on the other side of the TV screen and enjoy the most spectacular show).

The theme Park tribe of the Gauls can be the coolest ride on the water slides. Asterix is divided into 6 themed zones: Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Gallic village, Viking settlement and “journey through the ages”. The most famous hill of this Park – the “Thunder of Zeus”. It is, incidentally, one of the biggest roller coasters in the world.

Port Aventura is divided into 6 parts – the Mediterranean, Polynesia, Wild West, China, Mexico and Sezamoaventura(for the kids). In this Park you can ride the fastest roller coaster in Europe, the Furius Baco (translated from Spanish – “crazy worm”). The trolley accelerates to 135 km/h in 3 seconds, so you should prepare yourself before you ride! No less crazy ride – tower “Hurakan Condor” (a free fall from a height of 100 metres). And the Port Aventura very cool water rides and a water Park!

In Mirabilandia there is a famous water attraction – the Rio Bravo and the City of ghosts, which shake the legs of even the most courageous. In Italian the Park you also have the most extreme water slide in the world – Katun.

The most famous local attraction AtmosFear. It is the tallest free fall tower in the world. 116 meters, 3 seconds, 110 km/h and a fourfold overload. Winter at Liseberg Christmas market takes place, in this time Park turns into a Scandinavian fairy tale.

Ferrari World (UAE)

Ferrari World is probably the most unusual roller-coaster – after all, trailers are stylized racing cars of the eponymous Formula 1 team. In this Park are waiting for you ultra-modern rides that will definitely surprise you with its size. So, all fans of the famous sports car here.:)

Cedar point (USA)

One of the oldest parks in the United States – it works already since 1870. It is called the capital of roller coasters, because there are as many as 4 slides over 61 meters! And this is the largest number of attractions in the world, here 77. Attractions which you should have a ride in the Park – Millenium Force, Magnum XL-200 Power Tower.

Lotte World (South Korea)

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